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Great I don't have to think about turning it on works well. Still haven't tried all the things to do. Enjoy it!

Quite accurate & handy. Other features that help you gain points are amazing too. Most liked due to its offline feature. Recommended strongly! 5 star

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time I just don't know what health coins are can somebody help me and tell me what they mean please thank you Worth a go!

It's very good and l also love the different workouts that are available on there. Just wow

This is the greatest app out there. I love it!!! Thank you so much for creating it. Flawless

I love this app it is so simple to use and it accurately keeps count of your steps Marvelous

Brilliant thanks really helping me keep track of what parts of my day I'm not doing enough x Cool

I love this app coz for the past few days I've been looking for an app that vould track my steps so tysm and love you Good

Easy to use, lots of health checks, lots of encouragement to do exercise. I like it. wow lol

Only tracks daily use, other trackers I've tried keep a log of distance traveled since day on one do I can see which day I've covered the most/least distance. Distance covered per week/months/since the app was downloaded. I can't find that option with this app so I have no idea my distance covered by the end of the week, something I really like with the other pedometer apps. Marvelous

Incredible FREE pedometer+++ This is much more than a pedometer. It's a mini health management system. Try it, you won't be sorry! Good

Great pedometer Haven't used any of the other functions yet but the pedometer is all I got it for and that part works well. Flawless

It's a good app, but it doesn't always pick up my steps. Like today. I know that I did over 5000 steps. Flawless

I find it excellent. Being disabled, I can't use all of it, but I wish I could!! Must have

ALL IN ONE UNIQUE & AMAZING APP Hats off to your team & Hearty congratulations! Truly you have innovated very useful app. I loved it! love it

SO MUCH MORE THAN PEDOMETER! This app is amazing it has workouts of all different kinds it even has workouts to train your eyes. It counts steps and tests your hearing,heart rate, blood pressure. I love this app! Worth a go!

Easy to set up! Great way to stay motivated and it's so easy to set up, so now you can't make any excuses for not keeping up with your steps. Recommend

Awesome app! Great app to help me keep track of my steps and gives me exercises and the quick check helps me out also. Works great

Actually really good!! I thought it would just be a pedometer but, there is so much more!!!! You have different workouts, eye check, heart rates etc! It's great! Flawless

Great App The app really works. It will even take your blood pressure using the rear camera and your index finger. Great!

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