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Its amazing I love it.but if you downloaded it on a hudl it gets a virus so I got it on my phone you should do that to Worth it!

This is amazing now all my friends from school have something else like a buterfly a heart and other thigs they are awwsome THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH Cool

I loved it but it took me a while to figure it out and it wouldn't let me have any other wallpaper till I deleted it Just wow

I like it but it still on the app so I can't press the home button or I have to start over. Superb!

I know its lagging really bad I know its awesome and cool I know it brings me to different apps I know it just look so cute asf Just wow

since i love paris france,me and my friends have made our own calling as friends we call our selves franch also i give it 100 stars i liked it not i love it like is different then love Awesome

This app is just amizing i delete it then download it again it did not look right then Muito bom!

It looks amazing. But you have can't have your own apps as well as the effiel tower. By this I mean that there is no way to press the home button without getting rid of the Eiffel tower Just wow

Its one of the best apps I just wish you did not have to do everything separate as far as downloading Highly Recommend.

Chola my phone it just shows on the app that I downloaded but that's just stupid it's supposed to show on your phone as a screensaver see how need to fix that and I'm not lying I will delete this app you need this why people probably that's why people don't recommend me to this game I mean the app because I see why now it's not what it said it is so you're a liar and I don't want to see this game anymore app anymore Perfect

This app is so cool but do you have a bff one because me and my bff want to have on Surprisingly

This one launcher sucks it turns off when you come back on at times, I don't know if its really the app but its very frustrating Omg

I love it it looks so cool that I what yo hug it And it looks so real and its not what I though When I got it and I also got the neon fidget spinner And its so cool I just love them so much Ikr wow lol

It looks great and I love it too and the sound Flawless

Amazing!! Its so Pretty and it's so amazing how like everything you move the phone it moves to Works great

This is a great. 3d ap. I love this it so amzing i cant even talk about it .OMG Brilliant

Its great for my home screen make my screen really pretty just wish they did a lock screen would make it 100% better thamkyou for creating this magnificent app . 5 star

Hm it's ok and VERY VERY VERY cute <3 though I'm not so sure I'll upgrade the rate but awesome app Works perfectly

I love this app because you have a aifoeont pictures to chose from........... The them of pairs is so cool Well done!!

Awesome app it so realistoc plz make morr and scary ones for pranks ya know haha lol Cool

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