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Love Butterfly's great app I would tell friends and family to. Keep up the good work . Enjoy it!

Just downloaded it so it would be not very nice of me to put a review but I will submit a review at a later time once I have used it for a while. Awesome

I love this 3D butterfly theme!! Not only is it beautiful to look at, it has made me the envy of my android using/loving friends! They're dying to kno how/where I got this theme and how/where can they get it!! Me, being the smart-aleck, show-off tht I am, refuses to give out such information!! I'm truly loving the attention tht this theme is bringing me!! Cant wait to see what other beautiful themes there are for me to tease my friends with!! Brilliant

I just downloaded it I haven't even had a chance to look at it yet and you already want a review. The only thing I can tell you is the first screen looks pretty Good

The colors are vibrant and makes it easy to see the icons. Soothing and appealing visuals. Surprisingly

This is super pretty and super cool...1 million hearts for this app...#so cool and super pretty!!!! Marvelous

Oh my God this app is so so so so so so awesome you should totally make so much more to do please tell me like update me on the phone yes yes yes yes wow lol

Its good app but the backgroud was very bright which made it hard to see the icons other then that its very cool Great!

مقداری تفکیک رنگ اپلیکیشن ها رو مشخصتر میکنه Good

This is a really nice theme for Android I love the way it looks and move around the screen. Brilliant

I don't care what it has I just care that it looks more beautiful than any beautiful thing I have ever saw Perfect!

Butterflies are a loved one that has passed saying they're ok. Love them. RIP my son❤ Worth a go!

I just love butterflies! The movement of the butterflies is mesmerizing. Great app! Must have

عالی است هرطرف که گوشی است پروانه هم هست بامزه است لایک wow lol

I love the 3D background and I love butterflies they're awesome thank you so very much Play Store Works perfectly

This app js soooo beautiful. I'm a make-up artist n nail art designer the color purple is so very beautiful. GGREAY APP THOUGH Enjoy it!

Amazing i love this app so much you can make it move and all apps looks very beautiful Not bad

I was looking for something to symbolize as a daily reminder that I'm not alone in "living the fibro daily hell" one reviewer spoke of. I too wish there was a fibro app! Anything to Fight the Fibro! K Works perfectly

Omg, its so much purple... My favorite color. It makes my cracked screen so unnoticeable and my phone so pretty.... Love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Fantastic

This is beautiful. It actually inspired me to download it for my niece . Must have

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