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This guy know his stuff. He needs to add one little button... PUSH!! and someone like him knocks at the door to fix a couple things... Muito bom!

Fully working 3d animation. I don't understand which polishing would be needed... According to a reviewer. Works great

I love it! But in the tutorial the guy had a search bar for the online library, what happened to it? Oh ok, thanks. 5 star

Best app ill ever seen Jo you tube pe search karna padta he wo yaha direct milega Pretty good

This app is use full to mechanical app for mechanical all components what is what every part will see clearly i like this really hatts off to app creater Cool

I liked it, and I agree there needs to be more material to study, I just feel it also needs more polishing. As a resource it is high quality with accurate mechanical animations, but the app itself doesn't feel as refined as possible, kinda looks a little sloppy to be blunt. Surprisingly

This is good. I like it. Maine socha ni tha play store me bhi study ka kuch miles Fabulous!

Great app for engineer's :) We get to know the content visually which involves deep learning. Just wow

Nice app. Needs some work (used on cheap Android phone): zoom and part selection was clunky. It is clear that the developer could make this an amazing app given time and resources, I hope he does so. Good

I love it! But in the tutorial the guy had a search bar for the online library, what happened to it? Superb!

Very good app. I loved how you can change the view by tilting the screen. Clearly a lot of effort has been put into this. Well done!! Amazing!

Pretty cool. Would love to have more designs and way to create my own though. But other than that very interesting. Works perfectly

Needs more variety of different mechanical everything! But wat it has is awesome can't wait for more great app. Just wow

Awesome This is application is very much useful for mechanical engineers, I suggest everyone to download this app. Worth it!

Now i know stuff which i used to think about, salute to creativity of devs. Please keep working and improving this app. Recommend

It is really a very good aap. You should add more and more 3d animation. Loved it Superb!

Could be even more interesting than it is. Overall that's a good effort, but the interface is not the friendliest I've seen and the ads are actually covering all the buttons during an animation and can't use them to remove parts, play animation etc. Don't have a problem with the ads, it's normal to find ways to monetize, as long as they're not covering essential parts of the screen that reduces the overall experience. Keep that in mind please for future updates. Good luck! Later edit: I see the problem with the ads bar hovering over the buttons is fixed. Very good job! Worth it!

Loved it. extremely awesome. Love the library to download what ever you want to see work. 11/10 stars. I even haven't had much glitching yet Not bad

I won't be planning on keeping this app, but I'm not sure I can criticize it much, it's a basic app with great educational value, I hope someone is able to get somethimg out of it wow lol

Cool app to see how things work wish could use stuff to try to make own thing to see if it will work but still cool Fabulous!

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