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This is a great app. You haters need a reality check because I see nothing wrong with it but probably you do either way this is a really cool app and you should have never checked it out in the first place so keep your negative comments to yourself because nobody wants to hear it. Works great

I love it so MUCH litterly no body should think this is bad If you do not like it then you need to get a life jk Fabulous!

I like the " cool" style to it, Highly Recommend.

You haters need to get a life if you don't like this app then get off of it get a new one love it

It was great but the update I want is for me to be able to turn the screen in home page Flawless


I love the app beautiful displays of the 3D effects Great job

Thiz iz one Badazz theme freaking narly azz wallpeppa yes I said pep pa, Freaking rad man... 5 star

I think it needs a Dragon shooting blue fireballs moving with 20 people noving as well Flawless

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