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Very few free challenges. Even the beginning ones are intense. The beginning squat challenge has you doing 2 sets of 50 squats on the first day and increasing from there. Very easy to get intimidated. Not enough variety of squats and push-ups. Do the same type everyday. I also wish it had a separate screen for active challenges. Easy to use though and if you want a general challenges to add on to your daily workout then it will be a good app for you. Surprisingly

A lot of the work out aren't unlocked in the free version but the ones that are available are good. Wish there was a buzzer at the end of the timer but otherwise...ok app to keep you on track with a specific training goal. Great job

It helps you keep in track, but YOU have to do the word. It's great makes you consistent even when you don't want to work out. Every little helps. Works great

Could be really great The challenges that are free are very basic. To get anything else you have to pay for each challenge. Why don't you just make it a pay app? Uninstalling. wow lol

I havent finished it yet, but it gives a really grest workout... I just wished for less ads before trying a new workout ;) Fabulous!

Great app I like the fact that it reminds me every day to complete that day's challenge. It doesn't let you skip a day without holding you accountable. Muito bom!

Extremely challenge I'm going to rate it 5 stars if you're interested in straight burning yourself out I mean within the first week you're doing over 200 situps on the beginners level. I mean talk about intense I'm on day 13. I went from barely working out to Arnold S. Recommend

Plenty of options An uncomplicated app, with a lot of workout options, and an effectively simple UI, that pretty much just works .. so far so good for me. Good

Good for basic workouts Simple use good to plan and keep track of basic workouts, ads get too intrusive at times, making it hard to focus on the exercise. Timer could improve Omg

Mostly Great I wish you could chose the difficulty level for each challenge. Some things I'm only a beginner and other intermediate... Flawless

Ruh roh Sometimes it will just auto close. Forget my ongoing challenges. Or is simply as slow as me in the morning. But the challenges are cool! Wish they would fix the little bugs. Brilliant

Missing some basic functions 1.built in timer/clock for each workout. 2. Doesn't say how much rest between sets. Superb!

Sync Maybe you could sync this app with fitbit? I'm not sure how that goes but just a suggestion. Otherwise, I enjoyed my first day! Fabulous!

Great workouts. I like the images and descriptions of moves I'm not familiar with Just wow

Super amazing Very useful app. Helps with losing weight and makes me want to push myself harder amd harder everyday! wow lol

I think it's getting late but it's only one thing I love it it's helping me so much thank you Omg

Was happy until a recent update. When I click on pushup challenge it gives me butts and gutts. So I had to download a different program for pushups. I was redoing the challenge and enjoyed what they originally had. Would give a better rating if they fixed this change. Not bad

I think ill Love it Im 9 yrs old my birthday is may 22 2006 and im fat so tomarow im going to try this out and i hope it helps me before my birthday im turning 10 im going into 5th grade witch is middle school i NEED THIS SOO THANK U Omg

Amazing I haven't used it for that long, but so far it's working great for me. It has amazing workouts. It always tells me when it's time to too! It's something I'd recommend to a friend or family member. Fabulous!

Overall: It's good app I like this app because it challenges me to what I don't think is possible until I achieve it. It can be a bit laggy sometimes but it's something that I can overlook. It's the best free one that I've found on the play store. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's up for a challenge! The workouts can be pretty tough so I would only recommend to people in moderate to active shape. Worth it!

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