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Very Good But this app is not for novices who are just starting off, because on the first day it starts the exercise off with 250 reps of squats

Feel the burn! Started with the 30 day squat challenge and straight after started the extreme squat challenge and I love them both! It's a great way for people at home to build up an exercise routine. Add in a few of the other challenges, add in some weights and you have yourself a killer routine with a great burn that helps keep you on track each day with reminders!! Love love love this app!!

Elegant and simple The clean interface allows me to do the squats without any distractions. Perfect for an exercise app.

Wow I have tried many other apps but this is the one which gave me real muscular legs and helped to boost my testosterone too!

Amazing I just started the regular 30 day squat challenge and I got thinking about doing the extreme version of it after I'm done Flawless

Very Simple, Very Effective I love how light the app us, and how easy to use the interface is. I like the option it gives you to set reminders. Perfect!

2nd day. Feeling the burn. I never did any sort of lengthened exercise, so obviously i am in pain. It would help if you were somewhat used to exercise due to this intense set up. if there were levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced, this application would run very efficiently. Two days in and i definitely feel the burn. Imagine day thirty... Pretty good

Great Even though it is a really amazing app, the exersizes are extremely hard. I prefer the normal squat challenge app! Besides that, this is a great workout! Works great

1st day over,feelin' the burn I just did 1st day challenge and Im already barely able to walk,but I guess it means that it's working

No gym No car 1 kid I'm doing it. It's free. I downloaded all of them. Day 3. Motivated & Excited Amazing!

Great step up If you have completed the Free 30 day squat challenge this is a great way to step it up

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