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Brilliant Amazing app. I can already feel the difference. It's amazing how simple yet effective this is. I've tried all the other apps and they're awesome as well. Thanks guys!

I loved it I can already feel my packs building up I used to train a lot with no results cause I really didn't know what I was doing apart from tiring myself however it would be nice if we can keep the music software running while training.

Review This does help although I didn't need to download this app because I already have a six pack it has helped make it stronger

Good overall. The number of sit ups to do in the beginning is too high, while the other three exercises are at relatively low repetitions. Other than that its a pretty good workout.

Loved it! I really liked this app! When I started it I was like "this is way too easy" but it gradually increases and gets harder and harder. Today is day 30 and I totally see and feel results! Now I just need to figure out what to do going forward! There should be "the next 30 days" app or something to help continue on with the progress!

Omfg I am in day 18 and I can see a massive difference on me I thought this wasn't going to work but it is working! Omg I can finally wear a bikini

Out of the gym settlement. Just the perfect app :) The reminders reminds me to stick to my exercise routine and thus I never miss out the workout. Think this is what is called "out of the gym settlement"- can do the exercises anytime anywhere without any instructor and at my convenience. Its a must app for those who don't have time to spend hours at the gym.

Great app to ease you in the habit of ab work. I work every part of my body, but I hate doing abs. This app gradually gets you used to doing abs in only a few minutes a day.

That "Umph" Whether or not you have worked out for years or are new to it, this app will definitely get you moving in the right direction! :-) something about just having the app on your phone gives you that light kick in motivation. Helped me get back into the groove.

Great app I'm about to start day 3. I can already feel it working just from the first 2 days. Very easy to use. Easy to follow. Workouts gradually get more intense. Great at home workout app.

13 days in!!!! I love the app,It's very simple to use the videos are helpful just in case you are unsure on how to do the exercise.I'm starting to see results and I can feel my abs getting stronger.

Loved it I completely loved the app, not only are d exercises effective, i feel great. The aap is a,life saver. I can keep a check on my workout. And d new feature... Adding a reminder- its like cherry on top of d icing

Review give us a chance. Just started the workout. The review should come later so you can get a better rating if it actually works. I hardly think someone is going to notice a difference in 5 days?

Seems buggy I set a reminder for Day One and ended up not being able to work out, so I reset the days and set the reminder for a different time. The reminder hasn't come up again. Guess I'll have to uninstall/reinstall.

Simple, but good Nothing fancy here, but it is effective. Many of the other apps have too many non-workout things going on. This is just the workout, and ads. But hey, free means ads, so deal with it. They don't interrupt the workout, so ignore the crybabies.

Great, exactly what I was looking for! I'm only on day three at the moment which looks very simple to do. 25 sit ups, 10 crunches, 10 leg raises and 15 second plank. I do these as many times a day i can fit them in to make sure at the end of this workout I get the best results possible. I recommend downloading this app as it can keep you track of your progress too. But it doesn't seem to set my reminder for 7:30am??

Good workout The video demos for first timers is a nice feature, timer for breaks is nice. only 8 days in but I hope you vary the exercises and maybe throw some oblique workouts in.

19 days in! The workouts stay challenging by increasing the reps everyday! I'm already doing more sit ups, crunches, leg raises and planks then I have done any one time in my life! Still 10 days to go! I have lost a good 5 inches from my waist since I started! Good way to kickstart yourself back into gear! Perfect length of time as well, your body adapts after 30 days.

Okay Too many ad pop ups, print could b bigger, but a do like the reminder feature. This app is definitely better than trying to keep track on your own

Good app I'm only on day 3 so I haven't seen any actual results yet, but the workouts are getting icreasingly difficult each day. The app is easy to follow and navigate.

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