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Ввод телефона из буфера невозможен Сабж. Плюс нельзя из карточки контакта отправлять в мессенджер whatsup или telegram. А так все ок

It is what it is. It gets the job done. It would be cool if you could use your own custom skins. Like I said though it works fine and I like it's simplicity.

SUPERB Fantastic work guys. The local business directory is a life saver. Much ahead of the likes of Truecaller.. I would surely recommend this app. Keep the good work up guys. Edit. Keeps crashing all the time. No response to email. Thinking of changing app.

Great app, still a few bugs I love this app, really convenient, especially when foreign T9 is required. A few bugs came up when I upgraded to marshmallow, e.g. It doesn't show contact names in call history anymore, only numbers.

A request to fix a major bug, not a review I will write a full review once this is fixed, gladly, as I hate to give this otherwise great app a bad rating. It makes my Sony Z1 Compact (official firmware, Android 5.0.2) reboot the second I start Dialler :( And after it reboots, even if I don't use the dialler to make calls, it still crashes my phone when it retrieves data from 2gis database on the number I am dialling. Only fully removing the app from my smartphone helped, alas :( I'd really like to keep using this app, so I (and many other Sony users, I'm sure) will appreciate a bug fix. Fabulous!

No menu options on the Galaxy S6 Edge (Latest Download)This app is great! Just found the menus by swiping in from the sides of the screen. I'm happy with this app! Worth it!

Very good app with a few minor (soon to be fixed) faults. Great dialer and the developers are great and respond quickly to issues and concerns. Perfect!

Good, but Love the app, works and looks fantastic but I can't find any kind of settings button to change the skin or anything? love it

speed dial does not work...minimum setting.. simple design....only colour full skin is not enough so i think dialer one is best in all way. Go well

Good dialer Like the auto search of your contacts and being able to scroll back through the call log Cool

Ultimate dialer Super app..but i want the keypad colour also to get changed when i change the coloue theme..i would love to c than in next update Must have

Все супер! Идея и реализация великолепны! Использую системный английский язык телефона и к сожалению не нашел как в поиске номеров изменить раскладку клавитаруры на русский. Есть такая возможность? Brilliant

Стало сильно тормозить. В последней версии приложение стало очень сильно тормозить, особенно тормозит набор T9 - стало хуже, чем было в более ранних версиях. Superb!

How do you add speed dial? Simpler interface compared to the old Dialer One. How do you add speed dial? This app is called Phone in app drawer. Omg

New update problems... FIXED!! Thanks for the fix! Very fast response! ....previous: "Hey guys, after update this morning the app crashes.... using it for a couple of months and loved it..." GREAT APP AGAIN! Marvelous

Did you read the description ? Says 75 million phone numbers in their database. That's how they make money, selling your contact numbers :) Worth a go!

I The area to swipe from the right for menu settings is to small because I have a case on my phone that with it on it won't swipe. Sgs5 Recommend

Nice interface. Some weird features A bit laggy compared to the stock one, but interface is nicer. Not entirely sold on the idea of searching for local businesses through a dialer. Not bad

Nice work , Like it, ability to change the terrible bright green color is a no show. Its a really nice dialer. there still no options for the horribleness Green colour Surprisingly

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