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10 Monkey Multiplication Recently introduced 10 Monkeys to my Grandsons and have noted increased self confidence in dealing with their Math homework. One criticism, I noted that correct answers are frequently screened by wrong answers until they are at the bottom of the screen, too late to react. Awesome

Must have


Love it Peaple who have seen this comment should be downloading this maths multiplication game Flawless

Just wow



Muito bom!



My son loves it He won't stop playing but for real he woke up at 7:00 am and stop playing the game at 12:00 am who ever out there get it will benfit them a lot and he had D's and f's now he has strat A's. love it

Highly Recommend.

Good starter My child loved this game. Nice and friendly interface, helped my 2nd grade memorise her multiplication tables quickly... Could make it more challenging or adjustable in speed to keep up with kids who love to learn. Works perfectly

Great job

It's the best multiplication app you'll find. But of course someone will have an opinion and say something like it's ok...... Great job

Worth a go!



Almost what I'm looking for I love that you can practice certain times tables or you can play randomly. I also love that there might be more than one answer and you have to think fast. Good way to get ready for timed tests at school. The only thing that's missing is 11 and 12 times tables. I think most or all schools teach multiplication up to 12 but I'm having a hard time finding an app with 11 and 12, and those are the ones my child needs to practice the most. Please add for 5 solid stars from me. Good

Not bad

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