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Makes you think! Some clues made no sense so I had to cheat a few times. It was fun but I was super disappointed to find it only has 85 levels...was expecting 100. Can we get the other 15 levels please? Fabulous!

Put a skip level option, some levels really long and annoying. If you do that, I will rate 5 STARS! love it

Screen ius blocked Nice game but the top of the screen is blocked by the word. TOILET, the home button, and another. Works great

Crashes Crashes Crashes Many Bug Crashes. Gotten past many throughout the levels, but level 99 is determined to crash despite my best efforts to go around it. Frustrating because I'm almost done, but can't finish the game because of a game bug. Argh! Dear developers, this game has been out for a long time, it really shouldn't be so buggy. Omg

Ehh It was a good game until I got to level 11 it was like Great job

Ehh It was a good game until I got to level 11 it was like

Level 52 Level 52 answer is incorrect... I had to look up answer online, the clues I was given were different from the answer

Upgrade!! Despite some of the levels having no rhyme or reason, just plain guesswork, the game is fun & worth the hiccups. Due to a glitch on level 76, I previously had rated it a 1, since 0 wasn't an option, but it eventually fixed itself, so I was able to continue. Now, for part 2...

Finally works Used to be that level 4 had a bug that stopped a player from continuing but now it works awesome

Bug in level 33? Love this game...stuck at level 33. Watched the cheat but it won't let me move the gray tiles?! Any ideas? Figure that out and I will give it 5 stars! Brilliant

Love it I have completed all the levels up to level 85 in just 2 days i wish this version had all of the levels up to 100... Highly Recommend.

Fun It's a nice game tricky at times, got me hooked

Ugh force close I was really enjoying it until i got to a certain level. I've reported it but never saw any updates or even received a reply. What a shame. Superb!

Pretty good so far I'm on to Level 10 and I like it so far. Seen better, but this one is good, not too challenging and an excellent time waster. Might update my rating when I've played it a bit more :) Works perfectly

Blahh It's kinda boring because I'm at level 23 and it's still the same bathroom. Need different bathrooms. Where is 86 thru 100 Go well

Unique puzzles The answers are there, you just have to take your time. Problem w puzzle in 14, one of the pieces clicked in 2 places. I thought there was a missing piece I had to find. Flawless

Great game! Very addicting and it makes you use your brain. I don't like the math part that much though so I got my fiancé to help me with that. Other than that, I give it 5 stars! Now onto 100 Toilets 2 :)

Stuck Was really enjoying the game till level 47. Tried looking up the answer but still have no idea what to do. Maybe a skip function so you can continue? Marvelous

So cool At first I didn't want to download the game because it was adroit to me but know that I downloaded the game I like it pretty cool and good. Not bad

Pretty challenging I can get 80 percent without cheating, but would be stuck without the cheats early on in the game. Some of the solutions make no sense. Others are excellent! Novel for escape games. Love the content.only halfway through Must have

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