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It is my favourite radio player. You get a great variaty of news from all over the world. Pretty good

Thanks for the app. I wish therr would be a way to adjust Headlines to the same volume. That would be awesome :) wow lol

Would have rated (and will change) to 5 starts if they didn't take away the split screen option. Surprisingly

Lets me hear major international headlines on my commute. Very adequate. Would love to be able to choose what is in my autoplay. Marvelous

It is very complete and has a good variety of stations. Sometimes it may lag but overall I recommend it. Go well

the fox news and cnn news 24/7 tv stations will really stay on one single headline for hours at a time but 1 radio news slams all headlines and with much detail in 15 minutes ,, my favorite for sure ,, plus their realy is so much more happening in the world than donald trump Awesome

This radio app is great because it allowed me to listen CBS, NPR, and several others without separate apps. Worth a go!

It is great app for listening news in english and it's also extremely helpful for improving english through listening☺☺ Flawless

Try to add some bangla news like-bbc bangla, voa bangla...I like this app very much. Amazing!

Ok ok app....shortage of breaking news...and this app often repeats the news......which will irritate the listeners.. .requirment of improvement 5 star

Best news app for me so far. Seems not keep running after I exist which is good. I uninstalled BBC app as it kept clashing and i had to force stopped it. Worth a go!

I upgraded to the Premium Version, which I liked very much but it didn't have the Radio Station I was looking for, so I explained that was why I was requesting a refund. 1 hour later I'd received my refund and a very nice email from the Developer thanking me personally for my feedback. Very good App. EXCELLENT customer service. Try it for yourself. Must have

Very good app...Can you please add some more Indian news channels providing news Just wow

Excellent way to get news quickly from good sources. Good audio quality. The first app I use every day. Worth it!

This is a great app. Helps keep up with current news. I Support President Trump. Muito bom!

I love it. News on the go. It's a wonderful app. I like my news. To be able to have the new where ever I go. It's just great. Pretty good

Very simple and easy to use. Once I Bluetooth it with my car radio I can just open the app and drive. The only downside is there is no way to set a station ignore/remove list from the Play All (such as Faux News and other opinion non-news sources) That being said, it does have every variety of news station and I recommend it. I can't get the paid version because I can't afford luxuries, but I'll be sure to give you ad clicks as a thank you for having this free version. Highly Recommend.

It's an awesome app with a huge variety of stations around the world! I just wish I could get it on my iPad and iPhone. Omg

Update: I can only get BBC. The other stations don't load on my LG V20. However, I'm giving it 4 stars for customer service. Worth a go!

It's really fantastic app. I really appreciate the team who built this app. Add more american entertainment radio stations. My favorite radio station in your app is my talk. Thank you Marvelous

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