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I like this game. It's fun If you play it offline there's no problem of any adds or scam messages. If ever I won't be able to play offline only then I will delete Awesome

Love this game to bits the animations are perfect and when you die you just want to get further and further until you die again. Also love challenging my friends on it to see who can get the highest score. Entertaining addicting and a lot of raging fun 5 star

This game is extraordinary I never thought I would see a game this good on tablet literally all the recent games on tablet that look like this sucked Moc actual other games on tablet Recommend

My little brother was sad because it said 10+ and he is only 7 but he still played it lol Surprisingly

It glitches on my phone it might not on yours. It's actually good app other than that... Not bad

This game is fantastic! The style, sounds, and music set a fun and cartoon-ish tone, and the gameplay adds a sense of tension and suspense as the player does not know what the next obstacle will be and cannot stop the character completely as the sausage continues to walk onward. This game is fun to play and hilarious (specifically the sausage's dying cries/animations), and the obstacles aren't predictable, but the pace is initially too slow, making the game a bit boring at the beginning. I would like to see a game mode that increases the pace right from the start, like a speed mode, and new dying cries/animations and obstacles in future updates. However, as the game is right now, it's a lot of fun. Definitely recommend. Just wow

Love love love this Game but the new update with the new obsticals is horrible. Most if them you can't get through due to being glitched. Seriously addicted to this game fix it Great!

Cute and funny, the music is catchy and its a nice touch to make its pitch and tone change when you change sizes. the gameplay is simply and yet the timing makes things challenging. The art style is awesome, i am reminded of early era nick toons IE Ren and Stimpy, or Rocko's modern life. All and all its pretty awesome. The only improvement i would make is a option to pay for removing ads. But hey awesome game. EDIT/UPDATE just noticed that there is the no ads option if you buy the starter pack. Must have

Good game over all, glad they fixed some of the bugs in the update, i hated dying when ever i got an "enlarge" the immediately after i get the horizontal blade, fun and good for passing a few minutes Go well

This game is fun and exciting . Every day I play on it because it is so adictive. I am loving it. It can sometimes be funny and there is not a lot of ads on it. Love it ❤ wow lol

I liked it and disliked it cause u couldn't make the sausage stop running and I hated those adds plz remove them 5 star

Well I have to say the controls are a tiny bit difficult but Easy I LOVE the little sausage and the other characters! love it

Great little game! Fun when trying to kill time.. Great when someone looks over you shoulder to see a sausage die a horrible death! Works perfectly

Get this game now?! Its amazing, cool, fun :) xx-BTS become an A.R.M.Y love jimin Cool

It's not too much good it's just nice . it is entertaining game but not too uch , Enjoy it!

Very good, very addicting, hardly any adds, easy to use.. Great game I highly recommend!! Well done!!


I 'be never ran across a kitchen work top so fast. Your selection of sausage is second to none. Awesome game 5 star

Really fun game, always wanting you to get further than you did last time. The additional hazards change things up too which keeps you on your toes. Recommend

This game is really challenging and fun it makes some people feel like they are the sausage and they don't want to die. Must have

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