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Its so fun and you don't have to worry about running out of lives. It would be better if there were different places to run and things to die on Good

This is very fun to don't need Wi-Fi either ''lit arcade game'' they just need to have more challenges.Its the best running games ppl make, Every body need to download it Awesome

The graphics are pretty Enjoy it!

I love this game.. This is kinda of a game that you need when you're bored but if the sausage have voice like screaming or something it would be awesome Well done!!

I hate this game sooooo much but I can't stop playing it! I love and hate it at the same time. I think the people who made it should make a second,and a third and a fourth!!!! That's how much I love this game. Whoo hooooo!!! People who made this game... THANKS SO MUCH!! Highly Recommend.

Really great game. Really good if you're looking to kill time but I slow him down and still get killed by the saw ;~; But amazing game. It makes me hungry... Superb!

Lots of fun! Easy to play and distracting for the times you need a little distracting. Maybe not super suitable for kids between the costumes and the killing lol but hey not my monkeys not my circus. Great job

This game is a great time killer. If your sitting somewhere without internet or data connection its offline! Its a great game I've had loads of fun and challenged my friends too. One drawback to look for is the lag it lags when you open the app. But very little, otherwise its a great game Fantastic

The game is really fun and competitive for me but the controls are bad because all u need to do is tap and tap all day long which isnt my thing. So pls change the controls and remove the fking ADS. ADS ARE FKING ANNOYING IN GAMES. Also pls add updates Works great

I love this game and think everyone should install it. I also really like how the Weisswurst sausage just looks so dumb and stupid in a real fun and funny way!! \(^o^)/ Perfect

FANTASTIC!! You can get new characters and try not to die and also...THE BEST OF ALL!!! THE FINGER Lol it looks weird and funny. Worth it!

Amazing The controls are so easy and the graphics are good. It sometimes lags but probably because of internet did I mention it spent need it highly recomended Omg

Hate to admit I am addicted to an endless runner game where you play a sausage...but I am...and I can't stop. Only issue I have is it needs more achievements - otherwise it's a good time had by all - except for little kids - it's definitely not for little kids - unless they are not yours, in which case let em' fill their boots! Muito bom!

It's not relaxing because it has death in it other than that it's pretty great. And thank-you for making this game Flawless

It's a awesome game yet so hard but after all it's pretty good and a good game for anyone who likes adventure Omg

A great game. There's no paywall for the more detailed skins, which they've put a lot of effort into designing, you can unlock different sausages to change the gameplay slightly, and it's not too challenging yet still highly entertaining. Marvelous

Good way to kill time in a doctors office or any waiting room. The only thing I hope they fix is the lag it has sometimes. It allows down and runs the fun of the game. 5 star

Everytime it glitches when I touch it you guys really need to get the glitching under control I've downloaded it so many times to get the glitcheing to stop but it will not work so please work on it and if you don't I'm going to uninstall this app because I've never had any problems with my phone or my apps so please work on it. Love you all! Morgan ps it just did it again I'm deleting it if you run sausage run crew arnt going to fix it. I'm deleting it because it did it again it turned black and purple and yellow so if you don't fix it I'll unrecomen it I'm done with this Just wow

It's fun I love it but only Trump, Kim, and Vald are special? Why not Hillary or Obama. I would also like other funny costumes no holds bar let me play as people from sausage party too! This needs co-op and much more costumes. Don't limit it to just that I wan a ol Bernie sausage :D my favorite game ever. More than my kitty cannon games! Awesome

Really cool game for the kids. I can hear them laugh a lot in the room so I got hooked its very challenging also great pass time. Perfect!

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