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I think that it is wonderful I'm glad it does not use WiFi too its a good game to play when bored any where Pretty good

Game is very funny and a little bit tricky but we need to practice obviously and I just think it's a really good game I don't know who got the idea of this poor sausage getting hurt so many times but still is a good game and yeah bye Brilliant

Great game, but needs a few tweaks. The sound doesn't go completely off and the mystery characters should have ways to earn them stated Works great

, you guys don't even think of giving this one update. But if it's something even better than what I rated with my stars give it an update! Recommend

Could've been great but it runs so bad on my Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. Framerate's below 30fps i don't know why when i can run other more demanding games just fine. Recommend

It's really fun! I rate it a 5 star rating! My high score is 108! Try to beat my level Brilliant

Its cool um if you get this game and rate it a 5 stars then NEVER REGET GETTING THIS GAME Works perfectly

I love It And its The bestia game to play sometime i fiel like playing It ever day Pretty good

I think this is one of the best games I have ever played but to be fair I am only child these certain games really make children want to keep playing it so it's an OK game it is a little addictive I will admit.Although it does have a little violence in Worth a go!

This game is hilarious! Dying by the hook cracks me up and surprises me....every. Single. Time. Fantastic


Such a great game for free time. Its fun, addictive and keeps your toes. I play it all the time and I hardly get bored of it. wow lol

I love the things u can do in it snd it is so addictive that I want to play more and more until my fingers HURT Surprisingly

Its a really good Superb!

This game is fun to look and kinda additive to play. It runs smoothly, no ads or at least few. Its a good time waster. Recommend Awesome

I love this game! It is really fun to play and you don't even need Wi-Fi!!! I have already recommend it to three people who now love the game, and I recommend it to you too!! Good

I really like this game and it is a lot of fun! I would recommend it, but I wish there was something u were trying to achieve, like a challenge or something Not bad

Well sausage run is insanely addicting and I have got my brother and sister play ing sausage run. Well done!!

I really enjoy playing this game because it is a great time killer and it is really cool/addictive! Works perfectly

It is super cute,easy,fun,and funny you should play it love it

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