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I thinck that this game is like tempel run but you are playing with a sasige and nobody is chasing you are jest runing so you don't die so it is complacating omg Worth it!

This game is greattt!!!! But the only thing that's wrong is that its kindaa laggy :l Marvelous

I'm obsessed with your video games make another one about bottle flipping and other stuff Good

It is so addicting and funnand me and my brother are actually going against each other to see who got the better score. love it

I can tell you this. IT IS SO FUNNY Flawless

I think sausage run ia very funny, i like the cat part. Its when the cat swipes at you and you have to dunk Enjoy it!

Use to love this app but ever since the update there are way too many apps during play mode and this is the only app that opens my browser saying I have a damaged phone from viruses. Superb!

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It's kinda funny . The gamer didn't get to do anything but run and duck but it's still a pretty good game . If you ask me I would say it's a good game so get this game ! Good

Loved the game, but every minute or so the game will minimise and chrome will open to some page in poor English saying "you have 4 virus!! Etc, etc." Not even sure if its this developer's fault or not, but the game is unplayable because of that spam ad... Works great

I do agree that it is laggy but it has great graphics, game play and more just fix the lags Flawless

I LOVE this game so much The outfits are so funny I Love it I wish you could do more games like this Enjoy it!

As a person who doesn't ever like to give up, This game has gotten very addicting Well done!!

It is very addicting and I like the characters in it. But it sometimes glitches. Recommend

This game is very fun and addicting but the new obstacals are confusing and don't make any sense but the original obstacles are fun 5 star

Used to be okay, but now recently it's gotten really laggy and it's virtually unplayable. Please sort this out Amazing!

Way too many ads, app often closes without reason. Can't justify paying $5. Uninstalled. Flawless

I really like this game because 1, it is funny, a sausage running through a kitchen dodging all these obstacles, you have to admit that is kinda funny, 2nd I like how you can unlock so many different sausage skins, who would have thought that there would be so many different kinds of sausage, and finally, 3rd, I also like how you can play with other people, you can play with other people because you can take turns, when one person dies in the game it's the next persons turn. This game is awesome and all about tactics, and I love it. This game deserves a five star! Perfect!

I got this game a few months ago, and it was great! After the new update (adding of the game), its been lagging and has a ton more ads.. Enjoy it!

Fun game. WAY to many adds though. It's frustrating she. They keep coming up during play. Marvelous

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