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Fun for everyone!! But this is not such a good game for little children. There is way to much blood and weapons that will teach children bad things, but overall I loved this game Brilliant

Seems silly at first but it grows on you after a while. I've uninstalled it because it disrupts my amazon music app from playing music even after I have muted the game. Amazing!

Love it .It is the best thing I ever played bsids roblox Marvelous

It's really good but when is start there is something that would kill me right in front of me where I star plz fix ths Hello Fantastic

the game is ok but when it dies(the sausage)it sonds like a high pitch squeal fix it please Just wow

Awesome get it,it is so cool and challenge and the best part is that you can be anything you want...BEST GAME EVER!!! wow lol

It was the best game ever but add more detail to the game to make it more funner. Awesome

Loving it!! Not just me or the creator/creators but you suggest this game to yourself. I think the characters are cute, I would honestly like a bit more detail, also I would like some more obstacles, though I'd still give it 9 out of 10 anyway! :D Muito bom!

I love it it has a lot of fun ideas if you are bored fallow may you thube it has a emoji wallpaper with a pink bow it's called reborn mommy subscribe Perfect

i love it because of the way he can Bend back and the funniest thing ever was when he gets cut. Not bad

Great game i love the graphics and characters and cool things u can do i think. It is an amazing game!! Works great

this game is Awesome it's so addicting and I love the chacters I think you should check out this game you will not be sorry I know I would recommend it to a friend. Pretty good

This game us AMAZING I found out about it by a yoituber called thinknoodles and make sure to subscribe to him if you have not! Perfect!

It is a good idea to have a sausage in a game because it tells kids what's going to happen Great!

It is fun to play on because it's so fun you should really on it I've done it before and it's gone very well Enjoy it!

It is good but the it was very slowly loaing It is going by the graphics are bad Worth it!

Well I think u should get rid of the cat because it is all about the kitchen and cats r not food Fantastic

Love this game this game I would love forever Muito bom!

It's a good game but the controls could be a bit better and all you can do is walk or duck why can't you jump Highly Recommend.

It is awesome and so funny I love all of the characters Worth a go!

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