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I just lvd the app.... Its great but please try not to show the symbol selphie city on the photo..... I think that would be great..... Other than that this app is awesome Amazing!

Our hair gets blurred when we enable blur the background option. Otherwise it's great app. Perfect

Nicee apppp Butt i have a suggestion for that is my phone's​ front camera has flash but i can't use it in ur app so can solve this prob with an new update fastly ☺️☺️☺️ Fabulous!

Wow this is really nice good and helpful it makes me beautiful I'll keep this n my phone Just wow

Nice app, have good effect which makes pic awesome , still some changes requires Worth it!

Wow what a nice camera.. Best camera ever... Install that.. Very good effects here this camera.... Great job

Have been using this app for 4 years now with no lag r app crashes r annoying ads. The developers have maintained the app updates small in size and #filters are so unique that i end up spending much time and not regret it. The latest add on in filters #innersect is creative and drool worthy. I would like to suggest an edit in innersect filter- make it look as is in front camera, after clickin on snap button the image gets blurred r shadow like. Also i would like u to add a high quality pencil sketch filter with less black tones focusing on outlines of the captured image.#Selfiecity#Keep bringing good stuff to us. Great job

It's a great app!!! I share it a LOT!!! I love all the choices & that w/the settings U have great choices there also. It's an ALWAYS on my phone app. Also, I am a photographer so I love my "play"!!! Awesome

Little suggestion... We would really appreciate if u add the selfie flash option in whicj screen turns bright while clicking photos. Overall a Fantastic app Just wow

Very gdd,, useful app. Really impresive. Previous use sweet selfie. Bt this one far betttr... Thanlxx guys.... wow lol

Nice ,have many filters and they are really exciting specially Manhattan the best Not bad

Dude great app ❤❤❤ m in luv with this app omg filters Muito bom!

Pls add more pixel.. this app selfie camera consider only so add more pixel Must have

Good is nothing to describe it... It needs to be said the 'emperor of effects'... Go well

This app is excellent really osm effect on the app wow amazing superb quality nice very very very nice thanks Fabulous!

Heya!! I loved your app very much.. am your true fan!! I swear!! You guys have given free readymade photo editing effects! Which suits most of our images! Thank you soo much for this app.. just a question.. where is that "Start" pack.. which had some triangular effect and lot of colours in it!? That was cool.. miss it!! Marvelous

Overall good app... I always prefer this app for taking selfie but But i don't know why this app not support front flash in my phone Brilliant

Such a great app. Did not expect it to be this good. Definitely recommend it to anyone. Muito bom!

I love the camera on this, could you maybe create a widget that goes straight to the camera, so I could use it to replace my stock cam? 5 star

Usefully application fast working with best Selfie editing my favorite. Application Great job

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