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Need more stickers like quotes to edit pictures an more standing out clear filter's .. But love it Amazing!

When I download new filters, after sometime it will be auto deleted and then it need to download again.Old version is better than this new version Marvelous

thus is fantastic app.. i luv it so much. this is so cool. i try many apps btt this one is so good... thank u so much wow lol

I like the old version. Eventhough the old version has only few filters.. But it is beter than this new version. I can take selfie even in a dark place.. but now.. afyer the update, it doesnt even work. Totally regret updating. Please fix this problem. Thank you love it

I had a guy on a dating site ask me to send him a photo "that wasn't professionally done". All my photos are simple phone cam snaps run through selfiecity. Enough said. Superb!

This is used as my default cam as it does a great work❤ I started using this about an year ago but I forgot rating. Thank you for this app Flawless

Previous version was very good but this update not good and blur capture not properly...please fix it Amazing!

Personally this was one of my favorite but the recent update has drastically deteriorated the clarity of the pictures. This app has always been my favorite and I want the clarity feature back. Please Please Please fix the bugs and bring back the clarity. Worth it!

I want to say that this new Update is not good. Please Update the Last version of Selfiecity. That was Easy one. This is Much bad... Do change this Update. !!! Plz Pretty good

Add new filter like background is more natural and creative.. others is too good Flawless

Plz give flash option for front camera also i can see the option for flash but not able to use Omg

It was an excellent app for shooting and editing photos, but lately the quality of the photos became very bad, even when you set it for a 1600px(HD) (I took few photos with a 13mp camera and got 720x540px pictures). Please fix that if it's possible, because the app is really great and it was very good at shooting photos in the previous versions. Not bad

Quality of photos are kinda bad. And I'm unable to use the flash of my front camera (My phone is Huawei P10 Lite). I hope you would have better quality photos and flash can be enabled on your next updates.. love it

You gyzzz rock, Really it's amazing app. I'm using this app from last 3 yrs. I have observed auto blur outside option is normal level. Plz work on it. Perfect

This apps is good before update.after update this app is bad quality.please provide old version Highly Recommend.

It's really a very good app. But I think that the older version of it was better than this. But I just loved the app. Just wow

Yeah it's outstanding.... Love it , and the new updated selfie city is also amazing.... Frnds install it , without any hesitation coz it's the best app.... Ever.... Surprisingly

I love this app, really. It's awesome. I will definitely suggest others to use it. It makes me look even more beautiful. Just wow

pls fix...most of the filters that are available for download before the update are now missing... Marvelous

Plz enable front cam flash.. i hav moto x4. But i unable to use front flash in selfie city app.. plz fix it guys Pretty good

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