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I study Hangul word after I played this game It is hard for me but I will study harder Marvelous

Very good game but please, i will rate this game 5 star if you provide english translation, can't enjoy the game because of it. Fantastic

A lot of fun, best control, good graphic design I love it but if you can change the language into English, it must be greater Great job

이거 다 괜찮은데 기린대륙이 너무 어렵습니다... 7성 초월에 44렙 10강화 3명으로 해도 안돼요... 기린대륙 너프좀해주세요... wow lol

Animals galore. You furries just want an English version boo hoo. Put some effort to learning Korean and maybe you will know a little bit about this game. 5 stars and ask for English? Okay, acceptable. 1 star begging for English? Unacceptable. Just don't play or look for a different game. love it

The game is awesome and the graphics are amazing best game in while but there is one problem make it in English Perfect!

How about put some english translate option, i bet you will get more money from global player Great!

im back to play this game, i think really awesome for *7 and many updates come and come... Im sure many dungeons has been changing, For the Graphic and New Boss "Raid" system update is really usefull... For developer.. Im sure you must give more promotion or something... ah one more, if you give translation as english language, it will take more people to play this Good

I love this game , this the best game i have ever played, but it is very difficult to enter the game . Please solve this problem. Make possible to enter game with 3G internet speed. Thank you very much. Omg

After the few years I've been playing this, it's a still great game, but there's one problem. Ever since the recent update, the game loads my profile, then a text or note appears and then it restarts the app. Help please. What does it mean and what do I do? Recommend

이 게임 정말 좋습니다. 초월도 잘 되고 렉도 안걸립니다. 그럼 넷마블 화이팅!!!! Awesome

My only concern is korean language. You need atleast an update for this so you can get more players! Use brain kakao Works perfectly

Why its so hard to login again when the game stopped by the error of the system, please fix the crash and bug immediately Works perfectly

Very fun game Wonderful game but im not sure how to equip items. Could someone explain please. Edit: i figured it out! Really fun game:) Fantastic

Used to be my favorite Touch Monster is a game I will always come back to. It keeps bringing new content and nice events, most of which don't require hardcore grinding. Characters are unbalanced, however. And please, for the love of God, increase the success chances for upgrading equipment. Failing to +10 7*s and legendaries 200 times(I'm not exaggerating at all, I did dozens of 10x upgrade tries) in a row is the worst experience I've had in this game. More than 1mil gold gone to waste. I takes several weeks to get that back love it

Korean language is rubbish admit it So Korean don't provide English cos they Julius And a btch said learn korean ?who the hell will learn a language just for a game you damn ass fkn idiots stupid Korean pigs 5 star

안녕하세요.Getting into the game is too difficult with low connection, please solve this problem. I play this game for 5 years because it's the best game. 제발 부탁해요, 외국에서 개임하고 있어요. Highly Recommend.

No English version. At least put an option for ENGLISH LANGUAGE. That's more convenient than creating a global server. What do you think? 5* rate will follow upon adding English language on the option. Worth a go!

English Languenge hey please add english language to this game.. this game just doesn't play with korean people.. this game is global.. so this game can play with people around the world.. this game have a potential to 5 stars if you give english langueage.. thats my suggest .. thankyou love it

The best thing of this game is it grows up by time to time. Never get tired of it cuz of that. It's pretty good, wish they make eng version so that the game could go worldwide~! Sure, people would love~ it. Such a damn good one! Muito bom!

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