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Free purchase

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Description from Uploader

[The new map! 'You can also' update]

▶ NEW 'city map' update! the
within the landmark relative to one sliding! the
until the end end, not the reverse draw! More thrilling and more enjoyable!

▶'map select'Download to want a map that only fits~comfortably!
capacity worry no more NO! NO! the
want to map only jerk pick download and faster and more easily!

▶'Bluetooth matching' improvement as together every one!
now all your devices have Bluetooth matching support!
other devices that use your friends, family and easy all the time together!

▶improved 'interface'to more intuitively!
for example your character the ability to compare and strengthening system!
more convenient and friendly to all and together now!

In addition to this the epitome of the look~!


worldwide, 2 billion people enjoy all of the Marvel!
the toy world, God's world, the magical world, and now also in the investment isking!

just roll the dice anyone can enjoy easy and fun game~
your friends with the leaderboard!

already, the dice was cast! Right now all of the Marvel GO GO ~ ~

[game features]

▶ new map'city'from South Korea, the world, space travel, the hand of God, magic of the garden! A total of 12 maps ◀
all in the liking to eat a fun town with plenty to
a song from the statue of Liberty! Throughout the landmark building!
explore the endless universe theme Park in creating your own wonderful amusement!
If you destroy the fortress win~ fortress Island, destroyed in a real battle!
friends and co-op zombies by walking like a new concept zombie map!
new with dimensions that can be another block strategy, enjoy!
The Mysterious atmosphere of the magic of space in the garden, but cigarette magic!
back to the ice cave in one bankruptcy victory!
for damage and obstructions, full of dolls draw in an exhilarating bout the win!
until the end of the over! Award in reverse in reverse again!

▶ the dice and cards to enjoy as citizens casual Board game ◀
roll the dice in the area all owned by rich is the best!
the area to snatch and snatch thrilling suspense!

▶ various personality characters ◀
dual power with the mix off and mix the image of the Queen! School, wool, baby Jordan! Xin metal goddess!
colorful personality and abilities to your character with them and together embark on an adventure.

▶ more advantageously help the game luck items ◀
a variety of abilities, luck items with you!
at the starting point go backwards, just to travel around the world as you can go powerful features waiting!

▶30 days of 'World Travel'S+new character!◀
travel has a hidden treasure-the-world trip coming~!
one month of travel completion and for compensation of them please!

※ network game, WIFI, 3G connection status in the room.
※ paid item purchases are charged separately.

■ product information and terms and conditions guide ■
- provider : netmarble games(main) CEO Kwon young stock
- terms and conditions terms : in-game separate notices in the name
(period of use if you do not see the service, until the end of the period considered)
- payment amount and method : product-specific notices separate payment amount and the payment method depends on the
(a foreign currency payment exchange rate and Fees etc due to the actual amount billed may be different)
- payment : in-game purchase ID(character)To immediate payment
- net Marble Customer Center : 1588-3995 (weekdays 9 a.m.~6 p.m. counseling available)
- minimum Specification : CPU Dual Core 1.2 GHz, Ram 1 GB

---- The
contact the developer :
Seoul with 300 Valley business Plaza 20 floor
business number : 105-87-64746
you will need your mobile number : product 2014-Seoul-1028 hotel
---- The
contact the developer :the
Seoul Guro-GU digital 300
business number : 105-87-64746
you will need your mobile number : My 2014-Seoul-1028 hotel


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