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Loved voice actors 성우 목소리가 멋집니다. It gives out 2 powerful character just for completing tutorials. 그저 튜토리얼만 끝내도 두명의 강력한 캐릭터를 줘서 매우 좋습니다. Perfect!

I truly hated to delete this app. It's an absolutely fantastic game. Unfortunately I don't speak the language and it makes the game near unplayable. Works great

Awesome start Just started playing and the game gave me 4 6 stars very good way to grab player attention

흥미유발자 흥미는 있네만 이제 겜을 해봐야겠다. 리뷰를 먼저 쓰게하는 악습은 고쳐져야 할 듯

Awesome!!!! 노트 4 에서 너무 잘돼네요. 정말 제미있어요! I haven't experienced any problems on my phone and plays very smoothly.

Pretty good I like the game so far except for 2 issues. #1 the game does lag a little and lastly #2 it force closes on me every 2 minutes and it's really frustrating. I recently installed the game yesturday and I must have counted 15 times this game force closed on me. Please fix this :(

Awesome! 굉장하네요! 진짜 재미있어! P.S. - For those who can't understand korean. I know how you feel but this is a korean game so stop asking for an english language.

넷마블겜 넷마블 폰겜하나는 잘만드는데, 현질 안하는 사람들은 괴로움 ㅠㅠ

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