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How to install apk by AtoZ Downloader?

All apps are downloaded via AtoZ Downloader to provide better speed and ensure your safety. For example: How to install vidmate apk with AtoZ Downloader.

How AtoZ All-in-One Downloader works

Step1: Finish the download

Please keep chrome open, click ok, the system will automatically help you complete the download.

다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘
다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘
step2: Find the apk file you downloaded

After the download is complete, you can open the top notification bar to view the download file.

다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘

You can also check the downloaded apk file through "Downloads" app.

다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘

If you are using a third-party downloader to download the apk file, go to that third-party app to check the downloaded file, and click to install.

Step 3: Install apk file you downloaded

The apk file you downloaded is AtoZ Downloader. Then install AtoZ Downloader.

다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘
Step 4: Open AtoZ Downloader to install the apk file you needed.

The apk file you needed will be downloaded and installed automatically by AtoZ Downloader.

다이스 이즈 캐스트 플래티넘