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  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots
  • 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 screenshots

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You are Downloading 英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 Latest APK 1.0. Last Updated: Nov 17, 2016.

英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 developed by 株式会社RISE is listed under category Education 5/5 average rating on Google Play by 1 users).

英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】's main feature is Original by devising arrangement of English words typing practice,"English word to remember (tips) that devised the app first grade (ESOL Level 3 to Level 2-grade level)..

英単語タイピングカン単CAN単 2015 【初級編】 apk was fetched from play store which means it is unmodified and original.


pan: all - plan: planning - plant: plant - planet: planet, such as its own by devising arrangement of English word to practice, from the English word remember (tips) that devised to the English word learning app.< br> "a single CAN-Non - "of""words"and account"a! The students have the Vocabulary, also, typing practice, from the information and ear information from a combination of the multi-sensory, multi-sensor series approach (registration of new proposals 3184649 issue) is difficult to overcome the challenges.< p> English word typing card single CAN single,
introduction(English test: grade 5 to 4-level・free), beginner (Eiken Level 3 to Level 2-level), intermediate (Eiken Level 2 class to 2-class・center test-level・charge) 3,

・ the first English study elementary school
・ difficult to overcome that middle school students
・ Center for testing, University entrance exam measures high school students
・ from the basics and as adults

we, and our, using effective vocabulary skills. ※Note ①

(1 download, it offline can be used.)< p>■features 1 "sound of addition and subtraction (with phonics), and"accustomed to, plus reading and writing can be!< p> English ea","sound." tea: tea⇔ team: team⇔ steam: water vapor⇔ stream: Ogawa⇔ scream: cut voice-like"language in order to type of practice, regarding the"sound of addition and subtraction (with phonics) learning. Note ②

■features 2. as to vocabulary, life and learning abilities!< p> in our daily life, a lot of foreign language is appropriate. The number of words in the light of 3,000 words over the" scream - s = cream: cream"in the know" scream - cr = seam: a seam (a←stream stream, and seamless) without noticing it. " and so on. This kind of encouraging,"learning hints and Tips!" Been enhanced.< p>■features 3. learn about the Vocabulary a few times!< p> The" vary:"and" variable: the variable" a" various various"languages" vary = variation (variation) - preservation", and" variable = vary + able "" various = vary + ous "and analysis of it, as the Vocabulary several times, and the word remains in the memory.< p>■features 4 sound as encouraging the students to stretch!< p> " scream: cut the voice out. / scratch: from (←a scratch card)/ scrub: your Your the washing (←scrub face wash),"scr"Key, Key, list,"etc.< br> English word, meaning and sound impressions between related properties (sound-symbolic) products, the retention rate for the first time that the words, the context estimation process, and ability to stretch. ※Note ③

■features 5 language of the agreement, 1, 1, words, 365×3 word 5,000 or more!< p> "pass = the mountain + top+", the English word many is a combination of parts." tractor: a tractor, a traction vehicle (tract + or) "would" attract: the interest (at + tract) in/ attractive: the attractive (+ive) / the attraction: the attraction of (+ion) and/ extract: the extract (ex+), and" Such as, the 5,000 words from it's master.< p>■features 6, to test as much as you can feel the ingenuity is full!< p> the app's top page, and"fly (the fly) and fried shrimp (fry)"in the illustration is attached. This is also the English word to remember (tips)"for ingenuity. (Introduction fly Tips! See.
the visual memory to" library: Library"," x ribraly "" swimming: swimming,"" no swiming "and no ingenuity (Utility Model No. 3184649) as well as teaching materials were not a lot of ingenuity.< p>●more effective training method for 1 Day 1 word".

good overcome drugs is the risk of A (risk area: repeated)"you said. One, every day, a little practice is recommended. Paper calendar (sold separately) in place and, if further effective.< p>●effective training method 2 cannot read.

time in date Order, before and after the word, let's read, etc. For example, scream and independent reading, the read only scr + ea + m and in + de + pend +ent of the formation of the mind read it slowly.< p>●effective practice methods 3 how to read in order to write

This app use the official practice is most necessary. However, in scr -- - m - - - parts of ea? ee?, are first noticed.< br> 1 day 1 word first, then practice word by looking back, and typing practice.< p>●effective training method 4 audio books

typing practice scr + ea + m and in + de + pend +ent of the formation of consciousness as such. "・Al...", scr + ea + m and aloud, is very effective.< p>●effective training method 5 from memory.

sc-eam - that l and r the sound I hear from it is ideal. However, on the 1 In - of on as to whether or not, in the memory of the method. Typing practice is on the screen, the word contour will be displayed. a / u / o / i / e vowel character input portion is in red.< p>●effective practice methods 6 how to read, speed-reading the challenge!< br>
to some extent the speed of reading, that is, content understanding is another important point. How to read, speed reading challenge. Stage depends, first of all, 30 seconds is 30 words, and a final 15 seconds from 20 seconds to 30 words should be done< p>●effective training method 7 "learning hints and Tips!" Read on!< br>
"learning hints and Tips!" The effective English words to remember (content), vocabulary acquisition strategy for points.< br> "string: string, string"str"elongation, tensile, strength, etc. This kind of" street: the street / stream: small river, flow / straight: straight / stretch: with stretch / stress: the tension, the stress, strict: a strict / strong: a strong"look like, 365×3 words several times.< p>the conquest of! Any increase!< br> California de educational materials, brain science and the latest scientific research and years of learning we tend to children to support the efforts of practical results, backed by.< br> from learning English in elementary school from poor to overcome any stretching I want to middle school students, high school students, I want to study as an adult, of course, LD (learning disability) and dyslexia (a reading disorder), such as reading and writing difficulties and shows children of the avoidance and Conquest.< p> note the use of apps, paper calendars used in conjunction with strongly recommend. Paper, a Calendar application, a contact is a"certified NPO (California de School Education Research Institute".< p> note: b / d / p / q confusion, and the difficult for the this application is based on practice sheets (new design for practical use No. 3184649).< p>note①: English tests and high school entrance examination, University entrance examination center test, reading speed is also an important point." dad: a dad / bad: the bad / dab: a light. the paint"and other similar words read wrong, such as power not. Foundation, high school students and above, an introduction from use is recommended.< p>note②:"sound of the addition・subtraction (in Oxford) used to be," one: 1, 1, the / eye:"such an exception on the way to language, except for the difficult English vocabulary, including 70% to 80% or more of the language, but most practice in reading and writing.< p>note③:" slip: a slip of the"sl≒. it"," slow: a slow / slim: this was"the" sl ≒the hearth," and" glory: the glory / glare: with too much light, too many and the"" gl ≒too much from"the sound symbol in the string is Japanese to many.

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