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Cute but... I REALLY REALLY like this app it has the most amazing and cute stickers ever but can you please at least fix the quality? The quality drops so bad and becomes so pixelated it s not looking good .. I dont have a problem that it s in chinese but can you at least fix the quality and the annoying background with dots everytime i upload a picture? It will become more popular with the girls I assure you

Lovely You don't need English to use this app ,I only know command phases in Chinese, people it's common sense

很好 I like this app but I notice that the quality of my pictures tend to go down when I use it.

Good ,very useful.成功的app. Has variety of stickers,can download new theme for free and using this app for waiting for the download.很好,有各种各样的贴子,可免费下载,还可以边等边拼图,下载好了会自动出现,快速。很赞!♥♥♥

下载问题 好喜欢! 只是下载的素材会不见掉! 需要重新安装美图贴贴,然后再下载。

超愛!!! 天啊 這麼棒的apps實在太難找了!! 這是我遇到最棒的!!! 愛死了 Cool

Really love it <3 I thought it's just a regular edit game but it can do many things真的很喜爱这个游戏<3 Just wow

Aww! I love it, except the text is hard to understand because i don't read that languange. Lol! But i am willing to still use it! :3 Not bad

Galaxy s4 download I love this app it has lots of stickers and frames you could download for free!! The stickers are really cute and it is not like other app stickers, it is better!

Very cute!!! Like it very much. It has a lot of other images to allow you to create ur own pictures look pretty. Thumb up!!. Recommend to take 美图贴贴 APK

The pic quality is blur Why always cut the photo when open it,and photo was so blur after edited it。 Flawless

Great The best photo sticker apps that i ever used. Variety of choice and cuteness overloaded stickersss.

The app is not bad This app have a lot of stickers n frames but after edited n save, the pic will turn blur. Please fix it...if the photo turn out perfect.. I will give 5.stars

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