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Uninstalled - repeated forced video ads Understood you needed forced ads display for funding, but forced and repeating video ads is way too far to be acceptable. Uninstalled. If u wanted money, changed to $10 per month subscription. Bye. Great job

Cannot stop notification Cannot stop notification (unless going to phone settings to force stop notification), which means it keeps on running in background

NICE! 新版本改善了推播通知的新聞類別還有分享問題,這樣變得更方便,謝謝開發人員~只是使用數據的時候,廣告和圖片載入會較慢。要等廣告圖片完全載入才能跳過看新聞,這裏有點煩人……(可以多點內文的圖文廣告減少彈出廣告的出現頻率嗎?)

Too many pop up ads Fast and accurate news. Would give 5 stars if there are less ads pop up on every article

Nice news apps but News alert is getting more and a bit excessive. Please allow user to filter news. I don't care how the celebrity doing, celebrity dad sick or divorce, bought a sport car to another half. WHO CARE

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