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Game you can't lose in There isn't a way to lose in this game. Should have a challenge mode= push # coins in under X min. Or push 1 big coin without pushing small one, etc. Need some way to lose!!! Otherwise the game is some sort of anti-depression therapy Worth a go!

Hmm..its so vibrant! Addicting for me...I can get to level 30 in a day..bcoz it always makes me win! XD Stress relieved when playing..Obviously! The bear is cool, music is so catchy and fun! There r mny pros to tell but these r wat i can rmmber.. I juz love seeing the bear dances! It mkes me happy! :-D Marvelous

So addictive Great games..when you start to play'll never can't stop playing...cause this games so addictive Not bad

Meme Awesome game ! At first I didn't know how to play .. But I knew how to from the helping window that opens every time I open the game !! Thanks !! Omg

I don't even... I don't know what's so addicting about this game. The fact that the bear suicides once in a while and gets rescued by a balloon, the nonsense dancing or the flashy colors. Also the "CRAZY" music is badly stuck in my head. Now seriously, on my phone (Galaxy Ace) the brick shoots out and basically sweeps the whole floor, due to this is never filled with coins (the walls don't make sense), behavior which I saw on a Xperia Arc. Great job

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