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Cat Mix! I love this game, and I understand more and more as I learn Japanese. The object of the game is to make cats (by leaving one or more of one type of cat in the jar) then mix different cat breeds together (put ten of two different breeds in the jar) to get new cats! かわいいねこ!いいアプリ。(Sorry, my Japanese is... awful so far.)

Mew Mew Kitteh Cute This game is so fun! I wish it was english though... It's so fun when you get another color like the "orange" cat green instead of orange!

So cute...but I don't know how to play(´・ω・`) Adorable, I don't know how the game works since it's in Japanese but it's ok. I just like watching all the kittehs magically appear in a jar yay haha

Nice app Simple concept with cute graphics. Only problem is when the jar is full, the graphics seemed to lag.

I love it but..... How do you play it? You don't need much of a translation to play the game but I'm just stuck, and there aren't any modes for English :( help

Love it! :3 Really cute and addictive game, but I would give five stars if they gave English instructions, it's hard to understand!

Needs adobe air, can't play it Old version doesn't require it. Take back that version without adobe air please.

Adorable Its fun and addicting, I wish I knew Japanese so I could read the info on each cat.....but the game is so simple its really not needed to have translation, it would be nice though

Good Nice games..but plz translate it ... I doesn't understand it... look cute and addorable♥♥♥♥like it!:-D

Great This game is so cute. I'm crazy about it. But I hope support english. Because I can't understand something.

Kawaii ! I am learning Japanese, the first time I saw the video, I love it ! Perfect for my learning

Great game. Even with a language barrier, you can appreciate it. The instructions are easy even if you can't read japanese. A must try.

Extremely addictive and cute! Thank you very much for making this app! For the people who do not know how to multiply cats, you put one cat (only one of the cat you want to breed) in the jar and it will start multiplying. Some take longer than others. Thank you again, Mitchiri Neko!! You have brightened my days! The music is fantastic too. People, download this app. It is very very cute! PS, I want to put 600 stars, but of course I can't.

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