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Publish Date: Nov 7, 2016

Latest Version: SOSHIADEV (Nov 7, 2016 released)

File Size: 1.5MB

Price: Paid


Downloads: 500


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قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) APK No Concerns

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You are Downloading قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) Latest APK SOSHIADEV. Last Updated: Nov 7, 2016.

قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) developed by STUDIO SOSHIANET is listed under category Other 9/5 average rating on Google Play by 162 users).

قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن)'s main feature is Download قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) apk latest version..

قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) apk was fetched from play store which means it is unmodified and original.

Details ☀ & nbsp; ☀
a programme of fascinating and wonderful! For the first time in the market .
This is a ad not a people .
there's no one right no without letting your phone got his because you can phone to the hands of anyone to be a whistle قفلش you .
If you whistle, know, be sure, a day, a fit the program to the card coming out and with yourself, you're saying I now lock Sveti've had to get rid of فضولایی that gvshym removal comfortable I was, and with a whistle gvshym you got locked up, all surprised off .
The program (lock Sveti) with a whistle, your phone and the lock!
or ask you that others without the permission of phone you have make up on?!
do you don't like other people to different parts of the phone, you have access to ...
program lock Sveti is designed for you.
lock Sveti software with a very easy interface and low volume .
if those people are to the security of your data, the importance of a lot of Give and constantly worried that those of you want to phone work بهسراغ your personal information go, this app solves your problem.
This app is marvelous from the entry to different parts of the machine stop. if a person wants to log in to Part be that should it be entered just a whistle until the device is fully unlocked .
we offer you practical applications and a fantastic lock Sveti offer!
note that the app on some devices might be incompatible . In the event that after the download your device, the action did not, do not worry in case of dissatisfaction from the app with email [email protected] stay tuned to cost you the full بازگردانیم .
note that in the beginning, lock, pattern, or numeric, by default, the device will activate, then the program has enabled and access Guardian device to approve and activate, after the type of lock on mode, whistle, and put it moment to the next with a whistle, the continuous page turn your device off and will be locked .
Other Features This app compatibility with Android 5.
we hope this program finally fun .

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  • قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) screenshots
  • قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) screenshots
  • قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) screenshots
  • قفل سوتی(سوت بزن قفل کن) screenshots

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