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  • File Name: زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل
  • App Download Version: 1.40
  • Price: Free
  • APK Size: 45.3MB
  • Downloads: 100,000
  • Last Update Time: Dec 14, 2016
  • ROOT: Required
  • Offers In-App Purchase:
Editor Review

You are Downloading زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل Latest APK 1.40. Last Updated: Dec 14, 2016.

زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل developed by مدریک FZE is listed under category Games 8.2/5 average rating on Google Play by 1,748 users).

زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل's main feature is Download زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل apk latest version..

زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل apk was fetched from play store which means it is unmodified and original.

Details Note: You can use of English being the whole environment, the game enjoy!
* for the opening stages, new game, Need download some little data want to be. *
* this game is one of the most popular games Google Play Will be counted, which is about 50 In. 000 in. 000 times! Through this market download. And we have the Persian version of it at your disposal, we put that of the environment, English, it and also the purchase by card acceleration. enjoy!
game storyvirus T, the world got to پایانش close. the war against life started and people in risk of starting a bloody fight, the catch, and as one of the few survivors trying to stay alive, the task of life is holding the streets of life clean Kenny and the way the survival of yourself, leaving behind the process challenging and high-risk to the end of the برسونی.zombies: the dead killer a first-person action game is that if you're a fan of exciting games, be to No, as can't from his bad. انگشتت from the trigger on section, as you're going in this world, a virus-ridden high-risk account for survival try. Skill hot as the killer of the dead animated upgrade bad.Guns the house with guns like shot گانها and مسلسلهای porn, spread me مهارتهات to kill the dead through the stage, full of thrilling and horror game. With experience in the different and bloody game for their survival fight. At the stage of the final battle arithmetic, blood, way, throw, skills, هدفگیریتون in missions, sniping a try, and the enduring virus struck in support missions around the world to places safe tips. From tropical beach taken up land, dirt everywhere, the battlefield is yours.If you dare to fight with it Hey have and concrete stay alive, maybe even concrete civilization, which is the most destructive virus date destroyed again revived you. So wait, What Are you? Give yourself to the other survivor, fixed now.
graphics, 3-dimensional Super - army of the dead on you are. With fighting the way yourself inside a world of 3-dimensional virus infected The Walking Dead find and animation, the game world, have fun.
sound and musicthe sound of this music you play in the closest mode to the dead bloodthirsty the cover! To the extent that you feel the Your are you that is experiencing an enormous battle between the dead and the humans are located.
design stage of a new sitegun shot from a gun, home, vector, and yourself for 120 stage challenging and the missions full of the walking dead ready now, because, since, that death is the only verdict justice for this هیولاهاست going to these steps, the skills of shooting, you've got to challenge.
section varied gameplayseasoned the thrill of the battle in the battlefield, the diverse along with 5 battle final, a 60-mission single-shooting and the number of large-stage support, and special event to experience bazyt add.
gun pornno shooting game without guns, home, enjoyable. because of this, you can from 21 different guns for battle use, get اسحه different like the MP5, etc. AK47, the. Desert Eagle., the FN SCAR, HK 416, and grenades and other شاتگان and machine guns, the enemies got the blow dryer! Now انگشتت from the trigger on section that the overall excitement in the game experience? the hope of the destruction of the army of the dead!
system upgrade gunsarms, inside arms, your blood got promotion quests to be fighting with the dead head harder also have. You can, for a measly gain in this dangerous world power, range and even the power to shoot any gun to upgrade bad since تفنگهاتو promotion quests until the end of the world to you, hard not to!
special eventin special events inside the game company, gold, coins and expecting another win-and-concrete building to مبارزههای excitement انگیزت continue bad!

now is the time for enter the game world to go and back again humanity, delivering, global guarantee? and the world from evil, The Walking Dead, get rid of it. remember, humans امیدشون to you. so come yourself to بازماندهها fixed now!!!

please if in game problem. with. your problem through this email: with us in the quickest possible time, your problem to fix, and the smile of satisfaction on the lips of you intends to place :)

  • زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل screenshots
  • زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل screenshots
  • زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل screenshots
  • زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل screenshots
  • زامبی ها: مردگان قاتل screenshots

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