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☆ Earn the title of prime most popular app of the year in the"Annual Conference of cafe Bazaar"☆ earn the title of Best gadget of the year in the "festival of mobile applications in Iran", what good if all the tools together and in a program with the lowest volume possible. "TOOL BOX" such possibility at your disposal.The Toolbox is totally free and has a set of tools( knife, Swiss ), which now includes 39 instruments applied in various fields, with the lowest volume may be as follows
• tools light meter
• utility area
• tool color responsive
• circle tool luck
• tool barcode reader and barcode Maker
• tool, Metal Detector
• tool challenge vision (eyesight test)• The tool calculate the area and perimeter and volume of geometric shapes• tool news reader to get the latest content of sites of interest• tools فتوافکت for editing, effects and sharing images (Edit images)• tool traffic ways to display status, traffic country roads(road traffic)• the tool maps lines of BRT in the city of Tehran• tool world view includes profile, countries of the world with the possibility of detecting the country the manufacturer of the products with the use of barcode products (the construction is with the use of barcode products, along with the flag countries of the world)• Tool, event, journalist, and a combination of multi-functional tool is that using it you can important events of life such as date of birth, family members, date of marriage, date of pregnancy. some important historical and religious in that register.• Tool send Application with ability to send apps installed on the phone by means of Bluetooth and email without the need for the original file, install the program and also the possibility of the backup of installed applications• the tool calculates the exact age by means of the interval• tool locator plate with the ability to search by license plate number, province and city• tools seismograph to measure the amount of vibration environment ( earthquake detector)• Tool code National check and inquiry accuracy of the National code and also the place of issuance of ID card • utility interval for measuring the time interval between 2 date (value. Ah, ad) • tools stopwatch to record measurements• tools, Notepad with reminders based on date value. folder. password this distinct on each note. backup Widget separate• tool engineering Calculator (Scientific Calculator) With 5 different modes(floating - W 10 - W 2-W 8 - مبناي16 with the ability to transform مبناهاي different to each other) with the ability to perform calculations revealed the more complex, such as functions مثلثاتى, etc. لگاريتمى and... plus user's Guide• tools, wireless connectivity: To exchange and transfer files between your phone and PC via Wifi, no need USB cable• cutting tools, part of the music and use as a phone ringtone, and alarm• instrument canvas• tool time gauge• the tool conveyor with four different modes• tool, ruler, 2 axis with 2 different modes(2 linear and 4 linear) With the ability to calculate the area of• Converter text to audio with the ability to save as an audio file• tool mirror using the front camera• make quick contact• calculate distance, cities,• weight control• unit converter• date Converter• Converter number• Compass• sound sensor• speedometer• leveling bubble• flashlight• world clock• metro map of Tehran• Profile سیستمهدف of creating the software create a tool box strong, which is covering the developer much of the needs of the users. therefore, in the basic version of the software multi-functional tool preparation and is included in the intend with regard to suggestions and requests from users of these tools develop, so please, suggestions and ideas, their development, and add other tools to this collection transferred to us."Ideas from you and implement with our "this program has the ability to build any of the tools available to the individual on the home phone, their have and for a separate run. To run a tool, it is not necessary to the home program refer for this purpose it is enough in the main screen of the app, instruments, choose their desired look and hold until the menu create a shortcut for the marquee tool is displayed, then select "Create shortcut" to pick up the tools of choice to the Home screen of your phone, move to the next directly, without referring to the main program runs.


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