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  • Last Updated
    Jan 4, 2016
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  • Content Rating
  • Support Android Version
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • ROOT
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  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots
  • أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) screenshots

Description from Developer

Editor Review

You are Downloading أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) Latest APK 1.0. Last Updated: Jan 4, 2016.

أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) developed by PocketDev is listed under category Business 4.5/5 average rating on Google Play by 138 users).

أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت)'s main feature is Download أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) apk latest version..

أدعية مستجابة (بدون انترنت) apk was fetched from play store which means it is unmodified and original.


Are you glum? Sad? Depressed? Do you feel tightness in? Are you in trouble tridell it?
in this application plain and simple words you can say at work,the house,the car, but it may change the course of your life and your grief to H. E. vereen God

Dua the weapon of the believer, who survives him from the horrors of the great don't know, elah,.The believer in this world like you, as the traveler in the forest is full of بالدوابالمفترسة fierce that do not discriminate between him and any other animal, you want to anath to satisfy your craving and hunger, and insured with the devil don't succeed in hedin only pray .
The application contains the best abssi Rahman to and approaches the slave of his Lord.
this app contains the best and the coolest blessings legitimate to God shannone for God accept from us and from all ,and content application on the operate comic and the application contains all blessings carefully selected cites with all the time ,and you can also share photos and posted on scatts.As
up too. such as wallpaper for your device of any kind

application features :
overall the greatest of the commandments of the
no need internet connection
lightweight and easy to use
works on all devices
don't forget to evaluate the app, and download our applications and other religious :

In this new app we collect for you the Encyclopedia of supplications correct titter in some occasions such as Dua istikhara, the supplication for the deceased, dandee, he called everybody, he called the women a carefree and need, prayer marriage, duaa ctran, and prayer Ramadan, prayer prayer, prayer opening prayer, prayer qunoot, prayer for the oppressed, the supplication of the night of qadr, Dua for the master of exploitation, prayers living, prayer dress new and wore the dress, prayer reciting the morning, prayer for the amarals, a prayer travel, a prayer before sleep, prayer enter the house, prayer dolls, the Doaa entering the mosque and decoding anguish, a lot of prayers, religious.
it is known that it is not the state, women in Islam specific formula every Abdul calls mashad are closer to God the art of prayer we ask God Almighty you prayer answered, two, God willing.
the app contains duas answered them :
answered prayers.
support from the Quran and the Sunnah of the messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him
gold after ablution
du'aa on the day of Arafat
a beautiful prayer. and more wonderful
called the master of exploitation
doaa eliminate debt
Prayer of sustenance and
DOA market entry
prayer for peace of mind
let the women travel
Doaa fear of the devil
The Prophet
a prayer for the world, and the Father
doaa increase livelihood
called exploitation
The opening du'aa '
doaa wearing new dress
a Prayer of condolence
what they say after the burial
and if the dead boy
pray for the dead in prayer for him
like Matt's not dead.
throw the dying
Almost despaired of his life.
what they say when visiting a patient omaira you dance.
pray for the newborn when the tip of his
support before everyone
like, preferably married if I walked in on his wife wedding night
The word for married after the marriage contract
Dua qunoot
doaa istikhaarah
like, when tracking it is good news
I have is
called dread
Doaa anguish
called the anger
doaa carefree and sadness
called from him misfortune
prayers to bring livelihood
duas to facilitate things
duas comfort the hearts
doaa al sudais
Saheeh ahaadeeth
Dua relieve the pain of hearts
the commandments of the Prophet peace and blessings upon him
verses from the Koran
Ahaadeeth of the messenger peace and blessings upon him
duas to pass the exam
duas success
doaa bring livelihood
prayers answered
duas and took the
a prayer answered renewed
duas comfort the hearts
prayer study and conservation
duas impose carefree anguish and sorrow
prayers don't answer
the most religious blessings
-The most beautiful duas exploitation and praise
-prayers on the Prophet peace and blessings upon him
-the smartest of the morning
smarter than the evening
the remembrance of every time and place
the smartest
the smartest entry to the mosque
more sleep
I look the internet
duas do not need Internet access
ad3ia mostajaba
adkar azkar
do3ae mostajab
do3ae rizk
doaa islam

you can also post prayers that you choose them with your friends via WhatsApp alipk or via SMS.
pray with me and all my friends success and compatibility

Are youanxious? Sad? Depressed? Do you feel tight? Are you the reality ofthe problem and want a solution?
In this application the prayers and words of a simple post sayingat work, home, car .. but may change the course of your life andyour sorrow turned to joy and happiness, God willing,

Pray for the believer who survives him of the great horrors thatonly God knows weapon, .valmamn in this world like him such astravelers in forests full of Baldoab predatory fierce that do notdiscriminate between him and any other animal, you want to jump himinto saturation Nhmha and their hunger, and insured with the devildoes not survive it in this world except pray.
The application has the best prayers Rahman to get closer to themonologues and his Lord.
This application has the best and most fascinating prayerslegitimate to God Almighty God accepts us and all of you, theapplication on the best Blessings comic and the applicationcontains contains all the selected prayers carefully in order tofit all the time, and you can also share photos and publish them onAlajtmaay.kma networks
Kodaha also suitable background for your any kind

Application features:
Comprehensive greatest commandments of the Prophet
It does not require an Internet connection
Light and easy to use
It works on all devices
Do not forget to evaluate the application, and download otherreligious our applications:

In this new application we collect you Encyclopedia correctsupplications that is reminiscent in some occasions, such asprayers istikhaarah, pray for the dead, pray for the sick, prayersFriday prayers worry and prayer need, prayers marriage, Duaa Koran,a prayer of Ramadan, prayers prayer, a prayer opening prayer, Doaaqunoot, prayers oppressed, a prayer for much of the night, a prayermaster for forgiveness, prayers for a living, a prayer new dressand a prayer wearing the dress, prayer reciting the morning,prayers Remembrance evening, a prayer Travel, a prayer before goingto sleep, a prayer enter the house, a prayer to enter the toilet, aprayer to enter the mosque and the prayers of decoding anguish anda lot of religious supplications.
It is known that it is not a prayer of Islam in a specific formatEvery Abdul calls as He will draw near to God and pray for the artsask Almighty God answered a prayer for you, God willing.
Application on Duas Mostagabp of which contains:
Pray unmet
Pray from the Koran and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peacebe upon him
the Sayings of the Prophet
Male after ablution
Pray for the day of Arafah
Creative prayer and more wonderful
Mr. prayer for forgiveness
Doaa paying off debt
Doaa of livelihood and well-being
Doaa enter the market
A prayer for peace of mind
Doaa Travel
Doaa feared the devil
A prayer of the Prophet peace be upon him
A prayer for the mother and father
Doaa increase livelihood
A prayer for forgiveness
Opening du'aa
Doaa wearing new dress
A prayer of condolence
Maigal after burial
Albeit dead boy
To pray for the dead in prayer for him
Maicol died of his dead
Teach the dying
Maicol from despaired of his life
Maigal when visiting the patient and Maigro him to Rgith
Pray for the newborn when Thanikh
Supplication before intercourse
Maicol and done if you married him and his wife, Fawzia entered thewedding night
Maigal for married after the marriage contract
Qunoot prayer
Expiation Council
Doaa istikhaarah
Maicol when exclamation The good thing
Than it is found it hard to
Doaa panic
Doaa anguish
Doaa anger
Doaa worry and sadness
Doaa from his injury misfortune
Invocations to bring livelihood
Invocations, and to facilitate things
Duas relieve hearts
Doaa Sudais
Conversations are correct
Doaa ease the pain hearts
The commandments of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
Verses from the Koran
Biography of the Prophet
the Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
Invocations, and to pass the exam
Duas success
A prayer to bring livelihood
Prayers Mostagabp
The prayers and forgiveness
Renewed prayers answered
Prayers relieve hearts
Prayers for study and conservation
The prayers in the release of stress and worry and sadness
ad contained
The most beautiful benedictions Aldenh
-Prayer For the dead
-ajml Duas for forgiveness and praise
-salah The Prophet, peace be upon him
-Citation For morning
Evening prayers
Remembrance for every time and place and
Citation for access to the mosque
Citation for sleep
proximity to Plaza abdon Internet
ad need Internet
ad3ia mostajaba
adkar azkar
do3ae mostajab
do3ae rizk
 doaa islam

You can also deploy Blessings of your choice with your friendsvia Alwatsab or Facebook or via SMS.
Call me and all my friends and to reconcile with success

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