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A nice simplistic game, but has problems with syncing Doesn't sync any high scores you get while not connected to the internet. Plus, in order for it to update your high score, you have to beat your old one... The one that didn't sync in the first place. Worth it!

Gets stuck a lot and lots of ads Everytime I play it for the first time it doesn't move and then it suddenly moves and makes me lose the game also there is a lot of adverts that keep on showing up Great!

This game is so fricking awesome. The fricking controls are fricking unbelievable. If you don't give a frick about this game, then your fricking insane. Good brain break, and what the frick, you can beat your high scores and fricking post them (what the FRICK). Rated it 5 fricking stars, love the fricking game play, awesome grafics, and awesome fricking game type. Love the fricking game. Go frick yourself if you don't like it you fricking hater. Works great

Ok It's theme is more than better. But it has no levels. And by just starting you will get same difficulty as a whole. That is one disadvantage of this game. You won't clear the pretty distance in small fraction of time. Great job

I love it! Its a really good game, really addictive. The only think that could be changed is when the added come up half way through the game and you die. Also should be more than just one level and also put in nore acheivments. But apart from that its a really good game would recomend it. Well done!!

Simple, casual, addictive fun! Great time waster. It's one of the simplest games I've seen in the PlayStore, and yet challenging and fun to play! Unlike other similar apps which tend to be a bit frustrating after a while, this one keeps you tapping the "Retry" button. Perfect!

Good game, lots of ads This isn't really the type of game i would spend money just to remove ads sure i don't like the pop ups at all but still. The gameplay i say it's great,fun, and very addicting but like i said you can sort of get out of the game by accidently clicking on the ads. Perfect

Challenging for sure This game makes me so mad, but in a good way. It's challenging and frustrates me but it doesn't get boring. Works great on my phone but not at all on my kindle. The only thing is that I can't get to the stats or trophies, the buttons won't work. But other than that I love it! It's addicting. Omg

Awesome app!! I really like this app because it's really good if you are bored or waiting for something and you can just whip your phone out of your pocket and play for a few minutes. I also like it because it is easy to use and doesnt have levels or stages or anything confusing so you get used to it quickly:) Get this app! Worth a go!

STOP ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF GAME PLAY The ads don't bother me except when they pop up while I'm in the MIDDLE of a game. WHY?! And it doesn't pause the game so you end up flying off the edge. I'll give it a better rating once you fix this problem. Other than that it's one of my favorite games. Worth it!

Too many adds I like this game ,it's challenging but way too many ads, it's annoying. Especially for how hard it is , the speed of the ball should be a little slower and speed up as you progress through the game. I would continue to play, but I'm uninstalling. Sorry wow lol

Laggy Game itself is great. It was super smooth and didn't lag at all on iPhones, but both of my LG devices don't like this game at all. it is smooth for about 10 seconds, then starts to slow down. The game goes into a laggy slomo version of the game and switches between this and running smoothly. I have an LG G4 and an LG Gpad 8.3 Omg

Lags and slow to start With full internet connection, it takes its time bringing up the sign in for Google. It also lags so bad for days at a time. I can't play when this happens because it makes me fall off the edge when it doesn't register I tapped. Please fix the performance Amazing!

Awesome game don't get how you are supposed to know how to play. But uhh go with the flow. Could make a game character so it's looks more fun. The only reason I got this game was because I was bored needed a new play of games. This game LOOKED bad just clicked it though. The makers need to add more stlye but I would recommend this game mainly ages five and over Go well

The color change of the board sucks Everytime I pass 50 or its multiples,the color of the board changes which makes me lose my concentration. The game's already quite difficult as it is,so please do away with the distractions. A pretty absorbing game otherwise. wow lol

I haven't even played this yet but it looks like a total rip off of the game Dancing Line by Cheetah Mobile. If you want a 4.8 rather than 4.1 star game, check out Dancing Line. It's a very fun, addicting game with amazing music. Must have

Used to be better At first it used to be amazing and everything but now it kinda freezes while I'm playing because it's not my phone because it doesn't happen with anything else just this game. But I do love this game on my old phone I use to have nearly 500 or something but could you please fix the freezing bit!! Cool

Zigzag Its a good game I find it easy if they could put challenges into the game it would be even better but apart from that its really good to play. Also I would like to point out is the ads in the game whilst I'm playing zigzag the ads pop up halfway through the game and it ruins the score I'm getting to so please can you fix the ads as well Good

Fun. But, Too Many Adds Very Addicting. Good for boring trips in the car. But, the ads are quite annoying. It doesn't ruin the game though, Just makes it a little annoying but, besides that I'd give it a 4 or 5 star. Well done!!

I liked it but.. There's to many ads .. pop here pop there ads everywhere! But if there are not so many ads I'll give it a 5star. If you have very small amount of patience I mean literally I almost threw my phone in irritation, luckily I was able to relax and play the game again and again. So yeah that's all very nice game takes a lot of patience. Just remove the ads it isn't helping wow lol

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