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This fine.. But I got headaches to find how to delete my answering machine voice. My answering machine is active but where can I disable/delete/stop it. No idea at all. There is no option to delete the answering machine. This really insane. Fantastic

I was waiting this feature to work with my Xperia xz After today update this work fine Thanks sony Marvelous

Aplikasi ini sangat berguna Bila disematkan saat pembaruan sistem, jika tidak Aplikasi ini sangat tidak berguna dan menghabiskan ruang memori internal Recommend

Whilst I consider myself an advanced Android user, I can appreciate that not everyone finds technology as natural as I do and this can mean that there is plenty they may not know about, with regards to their Sony products... And that's where Xperia Tips Service comes in! Xperia Tips Service looks fantastic, it works well and provides helpful information in an easy-to-understand way. Worth it!

سلام.من عاشق سونی هستم فقط به خاطر همین تفاوتش... خیلیییییییییی از گوشیهای سونی اریکسون و ایکسپریا را تا به امروز داشتم و واقعاً راضی ام. فقط این برنامه تو نکته هاش زیاد گیر میکنه و دیر به دیر تازه میشه. خوبه که هرچند وقت یکبار ترفند تازه ای ارائه کنه، حتی کوچیک.. ممنون Cool

Funny that this app is only 400 Kb and it works as described ***Update*** After the 7.1.1 update, this app is gone and no longer available Not bad

Great app that runs crash bandicoot with flawless emulation thanks boss kaz hirai, you the man ¦)= Superb!

I wonder if Tips will suggest to uninstall itself after a while... LOL... <3 NB Works great

Settings, apps, select the app, Force stop then disable it. unless you root your phone you cant uninstall all the bloatware. QQ Perfect!

A tinny package and has cool features. I never used and never missed, but for those who needs, probably works fine... Not bad

Ian Scott This app is very useful to other people as well , and if people don't like it don't bother putting anything at all because people like you all you do is moan. Keep up the good work it's very helpful to me thanks again lads and ladies nice one. Worth it!

Smart It's actually clever.. Specifically user based on needs and phone use! (although this suggests a lot of monitoring of the user) Good

Help I want to ask something, after transferring my photos and videos from ios to my Xperia, what is the locate to check them? Fantastic

??????I only get one notification for the entire year! What's wrong with this app??? wow lol

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