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gģgggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooo oooòooooooooooddďdddddddddddddddddd Brilliant

I know to rid of the ads guys you just turn off the wifi or mobile data I love this app :) ☆☆☆☆☆ Well done!!

I like this app. But I can't save any edited picture in my gallery... Plz solve this problem... Works great

This app would be awesome if you didn't get bombed with adds every time you touched the screen! For that reason I will most likely delete it, I just wanted something simple to write on photos with. Great job

It is very good app and all comments are bakwas i am easily print and text on pic plz download it and enjoy with app : ) : ) Must have

A bit frustrating Is the only text color really pink? Also i dont like that it only takes part of the image and edits out the rest 5 star

Write on pictures The only thing i dont like is the adds and that it only works when you hold your phone sideways. Apart from that I love it. Awesome

WHERE ARE THE FONTS ? I am using this App since long time When I opened the , All the fonts were missing I did not see fonts Pl, look into the matter and oblige. . Enjoy it!

Someone close died Thanks a lot for making this because I'm making pictures to put of Instagram and it works if u wanna see the picture my account name is . Legit_rez_kid420 .please comment and like wow lol

Adds If you would get rid of the adds I'd give you 5 stars the adds are sooo annoying other than that I absolutely love it and it could use a few more fonts Perfect!

I like it I really do like this game... Yea sure it does have a lot of ads but it allows me to express myself... I send some of these to my friends and from what I wrote they start to understand me more Omg

Cool It is a great app but it tends to have too much adds with each tap on your device. Otherwise it is a really good app and very useful. Highly Recommend.

Awesome app l really like it. Must have

If this app didn't have ads it would be a 4 Too many ads and for some reason picture gets chopped. this could of been a 5 star app. Great!

Best app writing app ever I cant stop getting on it there are lots if ads but i still love it becuade it lets you use the app even without internet Fantastic

Little to much.. U have way to many ads I mean the apps grate but a ad comes up every time I press something! It's annoying! But app is amazing lol

Write in photo app Write on picture app haven't used yet but add 3 stars must test this app and then I DEFINITELY can see how it works. If satisfaction will add more stars thanks

It is ok Too much adds and blanks out on me. The screen goes black. Fix please. I mean seriously! Smh

Amazing ApP Loved the app it is 70% cool and the 30% is for the ads yoh that work on my nerves... but anyway luv the game

Exclusive It is very pretty i ts make my photos in creative way its elegant I loved it....

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