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Hard riddles but is good to know how you think, to entertaining and is fun I think? But had idea and make riddles to your family. If people get it. ;) Fantastic

Hard riddles but is good to know how you think, to entertaining and is fun had idea riddles to your family. I think? Works perfectly

This game is terrific! Something different from the ordinary app. It makes me think! love it

Makes you think Fun word game. Challenges and will make you laugh at yourself for over thinking some of the riddles. Pretty good

Good riddles Makes you think, you sort of get the hang of it so some get easier. Then there are the "AHA" & "DUH" ones once you see the answer. Generous with hints. Great!

Fun riddles Some very easy, others are real head scratchers. Nice help options for when you get stuck. Good

Wordquiz Guess the hints I find it boring sorry.. glad its a freebie.. others may like but its a no no from me Muito bom!

Sebastianandvero My husband and I play this game every night before bed. Its fun n it makes you think. Fantastic

Love this game Always make you think a bit more than you do already this is my 5th time getting it after I have completed it Well done!!

The riddles are fun. I like that I was able to guess the majority of them, but some stumped me. Great job

Me This is a fun puzzle. But I enjoyed the logo's puzzle more. I have finished all of them! I hope they add more. Surprisingly

Cool game You really have to pay attention to the riddle which makes it challenging. Addictive Flawless

Word quiz riddles This game is cool. The riddles are challenging but not impossible. It's a good game. Brilliant

Best IQ test Its interesting I love it it increases our knowledge and our IQ level and sharpens our brain Not bad

My partner says when I read out the quotes that its stupid but not when he gets one right....... and thwn when I give him the answer to one he dont know he always says "I was gonna say that" lol he is rhick as shite xxxx but I love it xxxx its like a tin of pringles.... once you start you cant stop xxxx everyone should have this xxxxxxxxx Works perfectly

Very fun and entertaining. Not too difficult but not too easy either, perfect to get one's mind off of things for a bit! Works great

Great app!! Love that it makes me use my brain while having fun. I can easily lose an hour, great app, can't get enough of it.. Fabulous!

Oooh, lots of these are the worst puns from my childhood. They were groaners then, and are groaners yet today. If that's your type of humor, you'll love this game. If it isn't, go play something else. Omg

Great game for what it is. A list of riddles. Has some great riddles some stupid ones overall just fun questions to try and solve. Just wow

I think this game is really good, you really have to think about what it is!! 5 star's!! 5 star

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