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I love doing these fill in puzzles Dell Puzzle Books Wish this App Has more games each time next challenging levels instead of starting same ones over when completed all levels like I do each time I complete all levels. love it

Addictive!! The game becomes progressively more challenging.. I've spent hours securing five stars in every level.. and I must say, time well spent!!! Kudos for creating a game that actually helps the player Awesome

I've played for a few months and cannot earn 5 stars on each game in pack 1. Only a few in pack 2, and even fewer in pack 3. Either, I'm not any good at this, or the puzzles are truly challenging! I'm not sure this is a good game for me. I'm frustrated, I'm out of here! Highly Recommend.

Directed from street chaser in the name of finding coins.....its more than that BIG UPS #IGold technologies#for the great work. wow lol

Too early to tell, if I will enjoy this app, as I progress onto more difficult levels. But, so far, I've enjoyed getting to know the game. And, I like it very much. Not bad

I really like the game. It keeps your mind sharp. I can play this for hours n not realize it. Enjoy it!

Keeps your brain ticking overi like it I'm seventy yrs so got to my mind working Worth it!

Strangely addicting! Controls could be a little easier, but I still play everyday! Superb!

It is the best game to play with children both thinking at the same time but in a different way... to find the words Amazing!

Download it now So much fun!!! Keeps me entertained for hours. There's isn't one bad thing I could say about this game. Enjoy it!

Catlady Love it very much it a very good challenging game. Please keep up creating games as such. Worth it!

I am really enjoying this game. It's challenging. I've never come across a game like this one. BUT THERE ARE A COUPLE GLITCHES that are very frustrating! Such as, it takes SEVERAL attempts to open and start the game. Many times when I hit the PLAY button it just goes straight to your "Share" page, which then I ALWAYS have to close the app and try it again (this occurs EVERY TIME I attempt to play). The other problem is that whenever I press the "Skip" button (after each game is finished there's the option to see the definition of one of the words played in the game) it sometimes takes a few times to hit the "Skip" button before it'll go to the next page BUT UNFORTUNATELY there is also a lag after hitting ANY of your buttons and on the next page the "Try Again" button is in the exact same spot as the "Skip" and then it automatically goes back to the same puzzle I just completed thinking I want to retry that round...which I do not want to do. The screen also freezes often and I then HAVE to close it and reopen the app and whatever puzzle I was in the progress of playing is NOT saved so I have to start that puzzle over again. PLEASE FIX THESE GLITCHES so I can give a better rating. 5 star

Complicated, but challenging! That is the way I like it! Keep my brain challenged! Marvelous

my fav game. im never feel bored with this game. more challenge more fun. i love it so much. keep it up! Works great

Very educational yet challenging no obstacles and time limits. I recommend this to parents to download this useful nice app for thier children and even adults. This game refreshes my spelling lessons. Thanks for making this app. Fabulous!

Challenging Keep your brain and mind working so you can have the knowledge to think, everyone needs at least one puzzle a day, to help the brain. Cool

This game makes you think and use strategy. I enjoy it a lot. However, if I am in the middle of a game and press pause, I lose the game. "Pause" should let you come back to the game later as a number of other games allow. For that reason I did not rate it higher. Fabulous!

Very addictive The only drawback is that you cannot save and continue from where you stopped. You always start afresh which is frustrating. Omg

❌Highly addicting❌ Not like a regular crossword puzzle, great to pass time... very addicting.... love it Flawless

Wordfill Reverse Word Search; have to figure out words and fill them in. Makes one think. After a few games, generally can control wheel, so less false mistakes. Amazing!

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