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I like this app. The only problem I have with it is the large strip across the bottom of the page. It covers up the game pieces. What's up with that? How do I get rid of it? It's annoying. Works great

This is like reverse Tetris and I love it! It really makes you think and is an excellent way to exercise you brain. Download it and enjoy!!!! Surprisingly

I've got loads of people into this game, it's now an addiction as to how has the highest score .. 5 star

Fun game, not being able to rotate the blocks adds an interesting dimension of difficulty. 5 star

Play it every day love it only game I've had for more than two months!! Highly recommended!!! Works perfectly

Fun to play! Love it that it's so spacious :) It would be nice to have an undo button or have the possibility to change a piece. Brilliant

It's a fun game of spacial awareness... addictive, frustrating, won't, and do it again! The slow opening to the game is annoying, but it's worth it! 5 star

POSITIVES: Addictive, Simple, Time killer. I would give it higher ratings but ... NEGATIVES: Ads, After I cleared a puzzle. The next 3 gives me no possible moves. So I lose the game through no fault of mine, WISHLIST: would be nice to have a 1 muligan (undo) per game. Must have

Love the game, paid for no advertisement didn't get it, still plagued with them but the game is good therapy. Go well

It is a good game but I think you should earn count and you should be able to but stuff with then like new blocks or different color blocks/backgroungds Highly Recommend.

I was interested in this game because it looked like an interesting variation of Tetris. However, unlike tetris, the bricks aren't random. The game mostly gives you bad, unhelpful bricks. It's a fun idea but mostly frustrating in the end. Marvelous

I don't know if this is just my phone but there's a picture that blocks the bottom half of the screen? Fabulous!

Basically every ad equals to one game and the ads vary up to a few seconds to a couple of minutes its a fair way to kill time but the ads are destroying some of the games out here. Recommend

This game is a random stream of blocks. That you have to try and make sure you can fit on the board. As the board fills the games gets harder. For what the game is I give it 5 stars. Enjoy it!

This game is definitely worth your time. I love how the contrast in color is so different. I can see it! I love how it goes above your fingers so you see exactly where you place it. I've beat my high score three Times and (277, 479, 918) I can tell you this game is awesome, reminiscent of the app Block King. (Similar to this but colorful instead of wood.) I prefer the wood. Thank you for making a game so easy to see! This rarely happens. 5 star

The only thing wrong with this, is that the blocks move above your finger. Multiple times I have misplaced a block because of this and it feels unnatural. I expected there to be a setting to change it... the moving of the pieces is too loose and doesnt feel precise Recommend

Game gives you blocks that can't fit anywhere. You can only go so far because of this. Not that great.... Fabulous!

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