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It's really fun! The graphics is so good and the motion tracking is impressive. I only wish the map was a little bigger for more exploration. And is the maze really small or am i somehow stuck on lvl 1? Great game!~ wow lol

Good concept .... While all other users are using this app perfectly, my phone doesnt seem to track the controller movements...having a little trouble Fantastic

I love the way you can use a controller. but I can't use the realcontroller 2 with my phone. It worked for about 20 seconds. Can you help me. I even put the controller in front of the camera pls help Fantastic

Please add a joystick or something to control your movement because it's so hard to control your movement without a headset Cool

I built the RealController 2 cardboard controller and have to say, great and amazing to use. It's very accurate I turned my hand sideways and game easily picked it up. If you ever design a racing game you could easily have the controller turned into a steering wheel. Be good to have two controllers to use. The walking also works well.Keep up the work. Brilliant

Only thing bad about it is there is a big x that covers the entire screen and it iznt conpatible with the gearvr controller which they dont have to implement but please upload a copy to the oculus store. And yes I reinstalled to fix te big x that covers the entire screen 5 star

I like your other apps but it won't track my real controller does this app not support it it would be nice if it did or I might be using it wrong either way u guys make the best apps wow lol

Apparently it's just a game where you do math. I thought there'd be a storyline, quests, and things of that nature. Fantastic

Great app, but on my Nexus 5x the camera image is inverted and so the gun acts inverted. Tweaking the settings option does not help. Please fix it and I will give you 5 stars :) Worth a go!

Um in telekinesis it's basically impossible to do you can't put them in they come to close to you I don't know of this is only for no controller but please help me out love it

Love the concept but... A little buggy, somehow ended up on the roof and it wouldn't let me back down. Hated that a slight nod would shift me 5 paces (a couple max would be ideal). I do wish graphics were more, would love to see this take on an appearance closer to Fable. Im now very used to a weapon being on the left and the aiming focus to be understood as center, so having the wand dead center was offputting. Im curious enough to see what the next update yields! Superb!

Pls help.I. ant Pls help me I ca t get past the screen with the wizard and it says next because I can't look up or down or left or right with no other device pls fix now it kind of work I can't .move Well done!!

Good game, needs work Good: Is a solid game, and controller tracking works well. Bad: The game really needs VR adjustment settings, as in which way each eye is pointed, the seperation between each eye, the option to turn the gray bar in the middle on and of. Would be a great game if it had such settings since my eyes are weird. Otherwise is an okay game. Must have

This right here is what VR is all about. I've only been in 2 doors so far and I'm impressed. Not bad

Great VR RPG I rarely find a great actual game for VR that is in fact a game, not just a demo, and even more rare when that game is free. I do, however, only recommend playing if you have a Bluetooth controller of some kind that can emulate a wand or a gun. I picked up a cheap matricom one from Amazon and it works fine for this game and more. Recommend

Great ideas The way you move around (by dramatically running in place or bouncing the headset a little if you can't run) is by far the best implementation of movement in a vr game yet (that I have seen so far, without needing a separate controller) Worth a go!

Amazing but.. Definitely one of the best games for vr.. I'm using s6 edge.. I connected it to my ps4 controller but the game can't seem to recognise it.. please help me with what should I connect to my phone to be able to move the wand with my hand thank you. Awesome

pretty good game that showcases innovative vr controls.. I get slight stuttering on my galaxy note 4 edge Surprisingly

great game good use of virtual reality and 3D, fun gameplay just a great game all around, just a little short like most VR games but excellent Highly Recommend.

Good concept Love the concept and that the graphics aren't too perfect (games are an escape from life). The loading screen is white or other colors depending on game and that took some getting used to. Ouch. Took forever to get it to work with my Alcatel Idol VR but I did get it to work. Looking forward to more in depth games. wow lol

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