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The game is very good. Also difficult but interesting. This is the bestest water game. Great!

i loved the game.its very nice game. the levels are nice but the levels are very little.there should be more levels. Fantastic

This game is awesome I played this on my kindle and had fun now on a phone..... still just as cool Fantastic

It is a amazing game and it is really fun. The slime is my favorite part.can you please make new levels on the second one pls. Flawless

I think this game is amazing I might do a live stream of it on my channel ItsJustJassy:3 Awesome

Nice game अच्गी है ठीक ठीक है चलेगा download करो मजा आयेगा ok चलो मिलते हौ। Brilliant

It is the most popular choice of game and the first graphics are like to the real world. love it

Nice graphics and nice game also. I think that everyone should download this game Omg

Very interesting game.It's controls are very smooth.And a very good good puzzle game. Amazing!

I am going to try it but the reports look good so I think it is going to be good Must have

I love this game and I just can't stop playing it's sooo addicting and fun Omg

I remember this from when I was 3 and now I'm 10 so many years it's been around brings back so many happy memories about me and my mom anuaus I love it love it

I have been playing the previous version but this is better as water looks much nice and their are much more challenges. Just while buying it asks for credit card information 5 star

Very nice strategic game. Makes you think before making a move or doing something. Go well

I like this game,I've been playing it for years,and I just can't stop. Its SO addicting and fun.I recommend this game to everyone.its just so fun:) Marvelous

I played this game since kindergarten and now I'm in like third grade and I think this game is like totally awesome but sometimes they can get a little tricky! Great!

This game is Awesome and challenging in each of the level. I like the grafic, it's very interactive most importantly this game hve no ads :) Worth it!

Only few levels are available in this game but this game is so awesom . I realy loved this game. Fabulous!

This is an amazing game but you can't play the last level unless you download and you have to buy the get to get more levels and that not fare for those who can't buy it other than that it's a great game Just wow

Great game! No issues at all. This game is challenging for both children and adults (the latter levels). Not too many ads. Well done!!

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