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The only content I can sync and save in cloud are my contacts. It doesn't even give me the option of other choice content like photos, nor documents. Very disappointed Pretty good

Although it takes a long time to transfer information into folders, it is very handy as long as you don't let the pics to pile up. I feel confident with letting the Cloud handle my precious pictures. S Perfect

Most useless application ever. Only works with half the apps and you pay for it. Plus there are better safer backup restoring systems on the market. Works perfectly

It's great having everything at my fingertips and knowing that it's there and it's being stored indefinitely for me. It's easy to access when I try to send something or I want to get to it and print it or download it for other reasons. My cloud's excellent, I have no problems with it, thanks for the cloud. Superb!

The only thing it backs up is my contacts. Maybe there's something I'm supposed to do to get it to do messages and pics and videos but I Don't get that option at all .. only for contacts. Can you please let me know what I need to do to get the other things to be backed up on to my cloud?? wow lol

Great app!!! Just the simple fact knowing that my photos are saved automatically and stored, is a feature in itself worthy of five stars. Add in all the great features Verizon Cloud provides for free, would be worthy of ten stars if ratings would allow! Thanks Verizon!! America's Best Mobile provider!!! Highly Recommend.

Installed on Verizon phones by default, can't uninstall it, but doesn't take up much space. I don't physically interact with the app, but its ability to save stuff to the cloud for phone upgrading etc. is a welcome feature. Though, if this is the app creating the folder /sdcard/.cloudagent/, please stop. It's always unused. If Verizon Cloud isn't responsible for this folder, please let me know so I can find what is! Thank you! Good

Why is my backup button gone for cloud? How am I supposed to save contacts without a backup? Charging people just a backup their contacts is not cool! Fantastic

It was great.... not sure why they took it away except for saving only my contacts now. It was very handy to retrieve everything when setting up a new phone after my old phone was destroyed. Perfect!

Transfer music to cloud from another device to play on my device I do want! As Yota would say... Marvelous

I like the new look and the newest features on Vzn cloud. Works for me !!!!***But... Let me say this, first: Overall I'll always First Consider Verizon A+++++++ For: Your Top Safety & Protection, PERIOD! VS the other companies out there, no matter what, (which there are other notable companies that Do As good in this area) I've first consider this when Looking, No matter what Those other companies Do offer. Your CSR are Tops! **Second, in regards to the Free storage you ONCE OFFERED In the BEGINNING: The free storage I Do have is only with the free storage I'm Only getting is: Storage for my contacts nothing else, that I can see and I've noticed. A few reviews said that they're seeing more ads related your Verizon products which I'm including Ads for Your costs for More Extra storage. Constant pop ups saying I'm Running out of storage. I'm personally Fed up "with DELETING" along w/seeing the ads 'To buy More of Anything.' THIS app Does Not give me Free storage for My photos, ESPECIALLY THOSE And nothing else, Only contacts, Now. Not paying and I'm not Worth it!

It's ok, sometimes it gets really full and takes hours on end to delete them because the app is slow but other than that it's ok. I just go through it once a month and clear out all the useless screenshots and such. Fantastic

I'm new to this but this app was easy to use ,I liked the way it walked me through, with no confusion Perfect!

I am very disappointed that Cloud will now be charging to store photos and videos. I never had to worry about my memories being lost or deleted. I am not paying another monthly fee for an already expensive basic phone plan. Recommend

Had issues in past with my phone & having saved files to Cloud was immediately helpful wow lol

Thanks for nothing Verizon I don't need 500 gigabytes of cloud storage. I don't think it was unreasonable to expect free cloud for what we pay every month. I have been with Verizon for at least 10 years. Superb!

All good except when I was on the cloud trying to back things up there were small buttons that would indicate which items were backed up one did not however which was contacts I backed up five or six times and never saw such a button and was concerned that this was not happening. That was my only issue. Otherwise this is great! Marvelous

Am new at this n is very explicit n detailed i hope to get the hang of it soon Worth it!

Easy to use for the most part. Only issue/suggestion I have is that if a customer breaks, water damage ect their phone that the cloud would still back everything up. Unfortunately I'm missing a little over a month of information because I dropped my phone in water and couldn't unlock the screen. :( Marvelous

I found old pics that i thought were lost forever of the love of my life, he passed away in Nov. You have no idea how much they meant to me... thank you so much! Fantastic

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