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Nice! Amazing 4K Video Player For VR-Player. It's Picture Quality Is To Good To Watch. I Love This App. Highly Recommend.

The app does what is it designed to do. However, with every video, it goes back to start from gallery. It's irritating when you have 100 videos you play the 60th and then you have to scroll down from top again. Fix in next update=5 stars Highly Recommend.

My phone doesn't naturally have VR compatibility. Other apps I tried didn't work but for some reason, this one is perfect. My only complaint is I wish there was a section where you could directly link YouTube videos. Right now, to watch videos from YouTube, you need to download the video via a separate MP4 converter and then put the video on. If you can update the app to have that, I will give the app 5 stars Must have

Amazing 4K Video Player For VR-Player. It's Picture Quality Is To Good To Watch. I Love This App. Works perfectly

Best app so far that I've downloaded because not much works with a Moto E4 phone now I know it's not the best but it's the best I've found so far.. I find it to be awesome for now Go well

Few bugs that need to be fixed. Video sometimes flipped upside down halfway through for no reason and doesn't flip back to correct orientation, need exit app and reload. Drifting still an issue even with anti drift mode on. That being said, it is still one of better VR apps around. Well done!!

Amazing, works with my android that doesn't have gyro but accelerometer and compass... 180° videos are solo awesome now. Thanks for this free app Worth a go!

Great for my head set, you can make any video spot on. Loads of parameters to alter. Go well

I was shocked to see all of the VR content working in my non gyroscope phone model Moto e4 Worth it!

1st experience with vr and really enjoyed it once I got used to adjustments. Thanks Well done!!

Un app sólida para imágenes y videos de 360 VR. Tiene buenas opciones para ajustar el visor de manera adecuada incluso si no hay un botón de comando. Well done!!

Great for viewing things in 3D and great for impressing friends with the cinema view for watching cartoons in VR love it

This is an amazing app. It have every kind of adjustments to play all kinds of 360 videos Muito bom!

What an incredible app in google play store. Just go for it guys. Fully work with high end quality. Thanks to creator 5 star

This app is easy to use and works great. First app to make 3d viewing effortless that I have experienced. Just wow

This is a great app, and I would give it five stars except for two issues. First, there is no way inside of the player to change the video type (from say sbs to top and bottom, etc.). And, the colour, saturation, brightness controls all cause the screen to go black and only olay audio, this is for all videos until I restart the app. I'm reviewing this from a different device, but I'm using on a Note 8, I have this problem regardless of video source. If you can resolve these issues, Id definitely change this to five stars, otherwise, this is an awesome app. Go well

App is very good and every day I sell 30 to 40 VR BOX and I tell customer to install this app Cool

This app is wonderful for my VR headset, phone does not support gyroscope (Samsung Galaxy Sky, though it supports up and down and rotation). I've been looking for a VR Video Player for my my phone and this one is PERFECT...well almost perfect. The reason why I rated it 4 stars is because is when I try to look down, it glitches, but it works fine when I look up. Can you fix that on your next update? Other than that, this app is great! Cool

Best player for vr i ever found. can you add an option for orientation provider so people can choose calibrated gyroscope? and also double tap for quick reset of display center. it will be handy for people who experiencing drift with their cardboard.thx. can you please add Bluetooth joystick for easier navigation and setting? Cool

I love this app it let's me use gyroscope and device is unsupported for that Just wow

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