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GREAT GAME,Love the plot and so happy you don't have to pay for it and that it is available offline. The only problem is waiting too long to open the next chapter like I really want to know what happens next Flawless

Can you help me please? I already finished it but chapter 3 was still locked. It says complete all previous chapters first. How will I do that if I already finished the story? It is so good that's why that chapter intrigued me so much. I would be so happy to get a response. Thanks in advance. Not bad

Works great

the game is awesome, but I'd rather be with Jason.( Everytime I want to choose him, appears the situation when I use to pick Duncan. Maybe it's just because this game is about lovestory with Duncan...but it'll be better if I had to choose by myself. Great job

best game ever it does not use Internet. great but it has a lot of levels. you have to make a choice in every thing. this game rock........ Pretty good

I loved it but I'm almost finishing the chapters I feel so sad.At the end I'm obviously going to pick Duncan I can't Wait to finish it but i wish that we didn't have to wait so long for the oter chapter. Guy keep MAKING GREAT GAMES LIKE THIS LOVED IT Cool

Honestly, I had expected it to be a cheesy love story with vampires thrown in for a bit of variety. But I wanted to try out this genre of story games, so I played this... And I'm so glad I did and was proved wrong. The plot was intricate and quite well developed. Characters too seemed believable. There was so much more to the story than just romance: mother-daughter affection, friendship, revenge, suspense, building new relationships... All this compensated for the bad grammar at times. The length of the game was decent, it neither seemed stretched nor choppy. The plenty of and variety of choices made it seem you were in complete control of the story. Though most players chose Duncan and I think the designers too expected that, I chose Jason (though i was very much grateful to Duncan for saving my life many times) and the game in no way "punished" me for making the less popular choice! This unbiased nature of the game made for a great experience and so, I hope to play your other games as well! Great work developers! Flawless

Must have

This game is really amazing! Well, not like any other VN I read this game has a lot of plot twist and I didn't expect the outcome. Anyway, the storyline is very intriguing and it has a lot of moral values actually if you read it carefully. So sad that it only has 20 chapters which I finished within 3 days. I really recommend to try it, you won't regret a thing. Keep up the good work, can't wait to play your other games Superb!

I cant seem to understand the storyline, no matter how much I try. Its very confusing. Character development is not good, and sometimes personalities change dramatically. Plot twists seem forced and confusing. Great thing is, theres no ad or anything unlike other games Great!

Just wow

Super fun. Got through many slow 8 hour shifts playing this game. It's cute and fun. The ads are fair for once because you can continue the story without waiting if you watch an ad. Please make more games! ❤ Surprisingly

Worth it!

I like how the story's are,you never know what will happen next I don't know who my true love will be i really like Jason as her boyfriend but then I think that she should be with the vampire. I want to know who in can trust I really think that she should be with the vampire and then I think that she should be with Jason I want to know who really loves her is it JASON? or is it the VAMPIRE? I want to know who? Must have

It's good but why you guys take long time for update just one chapter?! Omg


Addictive. This is a very good game. Everything was fine except the girl herself turning into a vampire.I choose Jason, as I always wished to. But why couldn't the girl have a baby?? That's the worst part of.Anyways its a good story.You will enjoy it very much..GO DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!!! Pretty good

Loved it.... Cool game..... Enjoyed a lot playing it..awesome story.... Feels like I'm emotionally connected with it.... If other characters could also be made to change there clothes then the game would have been even better than best... Tq for such a lovely game.......all the characters are very good... Omg


It is a awesome game! At last it happily ended! I'm sad because of it's ending but i'm happy too.... i loved this game! I just thought that the girl was me and Jason's my boyfriend! Ohh! Happy ending! Perfect!

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