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Does not need to be fed as the Harvest game I'm also playing but I did get asked if I wanted subscription (I chose 6 Mon for 2.99) but it's just for new challenges. Not sure why I did this. Awesome

Way to addictive .. Its really easy but takes some strategy. I play for hours when I can't sleep but want to work my mind. Well done!!

I like the challenge that Tripeaks offers. It is my all time favourite. I love the graphics in this game. Great work. Fantastic

Easy game tho I have had strokes, so this is a good way to keep my brain active!!! play; better than regular solitaire!!! Worth it!

Love playing the game. Just wish I could get rid f the ads without pay the extortion fee. wow lol

Started playing this along with spider solitaire and solitaire for the daily challenges, another good title from mobilityware. love it

Retired and have lots of free time. Spends good bit of that time playing this game. Glad I found it. Omg

I absolutely love this game. A huge thank you to all the developers involved in its creation. Well done!!

It's a challenging solitude that requires you to memorize the card order. Catalina Muito bom!

Interesting format, works well, keep the sound off and the ads aren't too annoying. Fantastic

Nice game to unwind with; it is simple and comforting to accomplish a complete game in a few minutes. No underlying complex story or levels to go through, just a straight foward game. 5 star

Love this game would miss it if it was taken away so please dont. Thank you Thomas G. FULLER. Worth it!

Great game. Enjoy the daily challenges, but for son reason every couple weeks I lose my progress and have to start over. Today is the 4th time in the last 6 weeks. Flawless

I do like this version but others allow a compilation of wins for a higher score, like three strikes you're out. But it is good. Perfect

sometimes the sound from the ads will continue after the ad is closed, which is a bit of a bother. it does feel like theres a bit too many ads, but most can be closed as soon as they appear, and dont detract too much from the game. overall, a decent solitaire app. Flawless

The game is quite entertaining. The ads, however, take over and won't let you continue on until I back out and restart. That is annoying. Cool

I like this game because it makes think about your next move, its not easy but its not too complicated. Well done!!

I love this game it does not slow down my phone, it is not memory intensive, its easy to see and to play on my cellphone I Love it. Muito bom!

Easy bit challenging, addictive and fun. It's exactly what you expect from a tripeaks solitaire game. Fabulous!

Why is it so SLOW? The first screen takes for ever. And why won't it leave the screen controls visible like other games from this vendor? I give it a C+. Marvelous

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