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It is so cool Works perfectly

I think its awesome! Because l finally get to try out loads of different kinds of TNT,s Works great

I love it and also you need block launcher and i dont need block launcher pro cause my block launcher is updated its support in and thats my version and it work i choose the mutant and it work developer make more but make sure will work Perfect!

I love it is so distructive for a gamer who plays a lot of video games it is epic it's over 9000 Great job

Please for the next update please move the download button cause the dumb adds are in the way please listen to this comment maybe move it at the top just please move it thank you oh and I am shure it works perfectly Recommend

Fricon cool Works download this app tip the add tap on the x next to it up in the corner then click stop seeing this add then tap covers icon then BOOOOOOM dowloaded Marvelous

THIS IS SO FUN ILL SPEAK JAPNEASE JAPNEASE JAPNEASE JAPNEASE ़यछजचणतछणतछचणथणतथजणयछूछेऐजूझझझतझझछथथक्षरहयय Go well

A tip for people having trouble: first install blocklauncher then go to it and go to the mod file to install it into your minecraft pe Cool

Ok Guys you can also use the ack or whatever app cause I used that app and I was proud of it. Also that one downloads mincraft fast that apptodide Great job

Listen up Guys , let me give you a tip don't waste your money on minecraft by baying the game from app store. You can get the game for free. I am 12 years old and I know more stuff then you. Go search ( Aptoide ) on google then download the app. You can go search Minecraft on there. Then you can download it for free. I have the 0.17.0 version of minecraft. There is a FREEKEN Dragon people can you believe that Worth it!

I have 0.16 it said on the game because I bought it from the app store u can get TNT MOD on Minecraft or on0.16 Surprisingly

Don't play minecraft but check out my youtube channel Negative Vibes is the name 1000 subscribers is my aim Recommend

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