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Game ổn để giết thời gian. Cần hiển thị toàn bộ số bài mọi người có, thay vì chỉ hiển thị tối đa 6 lá như hiện nay. Rất thích chuyện mình k phải nối mạng và nạp tiền để chơi.

Don't bother 4 hands in a roll with a chop each hand for 1 players. The game is rig. The odd of that is less than getting a royal flush in poker Good

Love the game But playing against bots takes away the human intuition when playing with people. It is just rage-inducing how you always get 1 up'd and see the other players get lucky a hell. Not what I expected when I downloaded this app.

Score multiply after upgrade Lately, as soon as the game finished, you go directly to change your card look in setting. Your score will double as you return to the game, i.e. 3 scores become 6.

Gameplay recommendations (1) automatically 'pass' user if card cannot be beaten. It's annoying to have to pass each time you know you can't beat the current card played (2) enable select/deselect cards regardless of who's turn it is (3) bots seem rigged; need level difficulty feature (4) 'fast forward' button to avoid forcing user to watch bots play out rest of game (5) bombing conditions don't seem correct (6) bug where if user passes they sometimes have option to play on next hand which is wrong they must wait until new round

Interesting! Play off-line all day and every free time without boring! Lần cập nhật tới nên sửa như sau: Q K Acơ thì không cần hỏi Pass hay Play nữa mà cho Pass luôn vì có Play được đâu, cao nhất rồi!

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note ពិតជាល្អសម្រាប់អ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នា Not bad

I hate this version The computer doesn't deal fairly nd their rules suck, I never do a review but this is just ridicously. It's impossible to win with these hands. I'm downloading another one and uninstalling this one Great!

Rules No ability to change common rule differences. There are so many rule variations in this game yet the solo player has no variability and I dislike many of the set rules. wow lol

Game hay Game dc làm tốt. Chỉ có vài lỗi nhỏ về luật: tứ quí 3 phải tới trắng ở lượt đầu đánh 3 bích, tới trắng 4 con heo hoặc 6 đôi thì chỉ được cộng điểm chứ ko kiểm hàng của mấy người còn lại để trừ điểm, năm đôi thông là tới trắng đếm heo Perfect!

Great way to pass some time Like any card game, there are a ton of versions. While some complain about the lack of rules, if you know the basics of the game, you can figure this version out. I'd recommend it; ads aren't too intrusive for a free app

Perfect but If this game can be played online i think that many people will download much and 5 star will be shown up!

Automatic updata The type to display all the will encryption personal data an account settings downloads app and depending storage capacity of the device or must start with a charged battery and keep device plugged in until encryption is complete.

Automatic update The to display will encrypt personal data such all an account setting downloaded app, encryption may take hours depending on the storage capacity of the devices.

Multiplayer Its a great game i think if this game has a multiplayer option it will be even better

Classic & London? Im enjoying it but would be nice if it explained the difference between classic and London rules And shouldn't the 3 of spades start?. Recommend to download Tien Len - Southern Poker APK

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