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The updated design is harder to navigate and not all of the needed information is shown in one spot. wow lol

This app is very unstable! It crashes multiple times a day. It will restart even it it didn't crash. Frustrating! Fantastic

Will not open Over the last couple days I have been having issues with opening the app. All it does is try to load but all I get is a blank blue screen Marvelous

Excellent guys... I give you 10 out of 5 stars!!!! Thank you for putting up a radar storm tracker and the sunrise and sunset feature.. Extremely satisfied.. keep up the good work. Thanks again for considering my request... Surprisingly

It's a good app, people can share weather photo which nice feature and it has ability to provide alert which can help to adjust the commute. Recommend

A lot of extraneous content with no option to disable it. I really don't need random world news in a weather app. Highly Recommend.

Love the notification widget that displays the weather and temperature in a very nice graphic. It also shows the degrees in your notification bar! Worth it!

TWN app is the most accurate and I only use it on my phone. I watch it through out the day because weather can change that fast. I love the added interest section. I've learned more about weather forecasting in the last 20 years than I ever knew prior. Enjoy it!

Avec la dernière mise-à-jour, l'application fonctionne à merveille! Elle est non seulement pratique, mais on peut compter sur les alertes météorologiques. Merci! Worth a go!

I rather use the weather network than cp24 Weather Network is more accurate Great!

I rely every day on this truly excellent app. I consult it multiple times throughout the day. The associated alerts and weather news, including human interest stories are always worthwhile. Good for you. Brilliant

2017 version was great- compact, best info, unobstrusive and even relevant ads. Updated version is nearly unusable- extremely slow to load (pointless videos), information hidden clicks away. Had to install alternatives, sadly. Worth a go!

It's not a bad app. Just needs a bit more detail. The radar feature is slow and laggy. Great job

The only thing I don't like about this app are the 15 second video ads before every video. It would be much more enjoyable if I only had to watch one ad here and there or if I could skip the ad after a couple seconds. Works perfectly

It's a weather app. It's helpful to figure out what to wear daily. (boots shoes etc). Sometimes the weather says it's a massive snowstorm - yet it's nothing expected. (Not the apps fault no. - I just like a snow day every so often! Great job

Noticed this winter that the "feels like" temperature is closer to the real temp than the listed one. Could tell by house thermometer. Almost seems like they show higher temp on avg this winter to try and prop up the global warming fraud. Videos in the news tips are nice but with no option to skip adds you get the full brunt of capitalism. Go well

No dewpoint readings? In FL dewpoint is everything. Also would be nice if radar had layer options such as storm tracks and lightning. One more radar thing would be the radar to open with the current radar view and not motion. Superb!

This app is pretty good. Sometimes it's super laggy and the parts don t load. Its alright tho Brilliant

Stop sending severe weather warnings every hour and for surrounding regions. I give 0 F***k's about other regions. Also you need to correct the weather on a timely fashion. You're putting too much work in the wrong direction. That being said you're still better than all the other weather forecasters. Perfect

Overall I appreciate all the things this app does. The big thing that bothers me most is the sensationalized news stories, videos or photos that appear on the opening screen. I find it so troubling that I cringe every time I open the app then I quickly go to the weather info I need. I wish the news was further down on the opening screen and the weather info was positioned higher. I hope the designers FINALLY take this into account in an upcoming update to the app. Or allow the users to have control over how & what their home page displays. love it

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