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i always feel nothing with horror game. but this game make me jump a few times. so it great! you did great! i recommented this game. Cool

Its basically just a short film. No character control. Graphics are ok. Atmosphere is decent. Couple of semi scary scenes. Perfect

Omg this has some really good jump scares .would recommend this. Keep up the good work. Muito bom!

Loved it!!!. Its one of the best VR games I have! If this game was built on Unity, i want u guys to teach me how. Post a tutorial on youtube. That would be awesome Brilliant

Please don't blame the game for the two dots you see it's a VR game so look around you'll see the menu. Brilliant

The graphics could improve a lot- and you need a gyrosensor in your phone for this to work. So if you have a phone that is outdated and doesn't have a gyrosensor don't download this. I have the process headset and this works well with that. Worth a go!

मस्त वीडियो है भाइलोगों डाउनलोड जरूर करें Flawless

So good! The game was very fun, does what it needs to do (Scare me) Love the experience and the little ghost girl terrified me when I turned around. A little room for improvement like the graphics but it was great. Flawless

So spooky but i love it Its so spooky i showed it to my lil brother he is 4 he said it was so spooky i think its spooky to! When i saw a ghost i screamed. I think i might get night mares but the app is so amazing i have the dream360 vr device by the way Enjoy it!

Just started it and already shaking. The little ghost girl really scared me when I turned around. Always watch your back! For those of you who see the play screen and a little white dot move the white dot to the play button and it will help you start. Marvelous

Awesome! I'm glad I used this first after getting my pavapro360. I got the free demo which is like a tourist ride you can control with looking. I strongly recommend this when trying out your 3D vr. Thank you! Omg

Very Incredible Very scary experience..I think I'm glad that they made it short because I'm screaming all the time my family came for take it off..the vr headset. And I have auravr it works perfectly fine..really best experience..hats off. wow lol

Great experience ,need some improvement Music is good, graphics need improvement, game length should be more but great start by Procus ; I appreciate that.... For those who stuck with white dot...I think this game required gyro censor (if u don't have it ,u can't move the dot xd).. waiting for more game like that. :) Brilliant

For anyone who rated this low... It says in the tittle vr, so you may have been confused. But the picture at the top of this page shows an icon for a vr headset. I love this game so much! It would be even scarier if the graphics were a little better, but this is the best vr game I have ever played Surprisingly

So long! Most vr videos are so short but you get to walk through a full haunted house in this one. It's so scary and fun I can't wait to have my mom try it! Superb!

Three stars for now This seems like a really scary game I really hate to play it but I mean I'm doing this for my friend Well done!!

Need much more improvement Please tweak the graphics first. Is awful. Concept is good but the quality is way too low. Without the quality this is not scary but funny. It made me laugh. And put more light. Too dark to see. Just wow

good concept Needs better control, it's more of a simulation. this could make a great vr game with some adventure style gameplay Great job

lol fk u guys xD i love it oh man my heart was racing soooo fast xD great job you guys deserve more than just 5 stars for this love it

Someone can help me please, I can't start the game... I only see a Play button,but I can't click the button... Just music and a play button on black screen... Is it about my android version? 5 star

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