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It is a awesome game. One issue I have is there are no check marks for completing a section when done on the main screen. Perfect!

It's a mind game so I like it very much. One time when I was playing, one shape got disappeared. So I had played that again. Otherwise it's a lovely game. Surprisingly

It's fun and entertaining; I enjoy it a lot, but placing the shapes is a little difficult. Highly Recommend.

Great puzzles, and you certainly won't run out of them. The controls are simple and easy. However, the graphics aren't great and the pieces click together in a very unclean, unsatisfying way. It kind of ruins the experience. Flawless

First of all thank you for your hard work, the game is fun but you need to develop it, there is no variation in colors,l.every level has the same geometric shapes with the same colors , and the levels are some how the same there is no big challenge in solving them thats why it gets boring after couple of levels .the rotation of shapes would be easier if was done by tapping on them. Thanks Well done!!

I love puzzle games and this is a great one! Three only issue I have is sometimes rotating the shapes can be touchy. Butt overall I love it & there are so many levels! Great job

Love your games I like trying to figure out things it makes you use your mind and that's what people need. Love it Marvelous

It helps when visualising what shapes fit into the picture, it helps out alot when you switch to the table game. love it

It's fun and relaxing. Although some puzzles are becoming very similar and kind of boring. But I like the customization and the creativity that the developers have to come up with these tangram puzzles. Recommend

I like playing puzzles when I'm stressed or bored. This is a good app. The only concern I have is the sometimes I complete a section, and then I go back in later and it says 15/24 or something like that. No big deal. I like completing them again. Thanks for a great puzzle app. Amazing!

All i can say is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME..Dis game is sooooo relaxin & challenging...I loooooove it..U all have done an Fantastic job wit dis game..Worth more than 5 stars..Create more levels & caterogies.. Perfect!

The app is very easy to control and it can be somewhat challenging. I do have a concern about the master levels as sometimes the puzzle doesn't register even when it has been done correctly. Superb!

Great game and looks nice too. I personally don't mind that it's very easy and the only thing I really want added is a text when each tangram is finished telling me what animal or tree that was because it really isn't obvious and I'm curious. Obviously when it's just cats or dogs a text like that wouldn't be necessary. Superb!

Super Addictive I have only played this game for a couple of days and I can say that I will be playing it way longer than that. It is a great, relaxing, puzzle game that I could play all day any day. Not bad

Decent Game I thought they were way too easy. I finished the first 40 in about 15 minutes and they didn't get harder. It also froze and shut down 5 times during playing. Cool

Liked it Fun basic tangram, love the customization option, but a couple of suggestions: give us a "random" button so you don't have to choose a caregory or the puzzle, and let us choose if we want to see the solved puzzle (which piece went where) in the menu once it's done (I don't) so it's not so easy to do it again, and lastly show "your best time" on each so you can challenge yourself. Cheers! Perfect!

Good one But it's kinda hard to speed run on timed mode. Maybe i just need to get used to it. I would love it if theres an adjustable rotation radius on pieces. Awesome

Great app Very fun game. I like the wide variety of game options even choosing background colour. Loads of puzzles and no charges, just ads that are not very intrusive. wow lol

Crashes Fun game and all, but I can't get through more than a couple of puzzles before the game quits. Not too happy about that. Brilliant

Very fun and easy to grasp right off the bat, with tons of puzzles to choose from! The only thing I've been bothered by is how precisely the pieces sometimes need to be placed. A couple of times I've had to wiggle the pieces of a finished puzzle because it wouldn't stop the timer, only to find out a single piece was only a fraction of a millimeter off-center. This doesn't happen enough to make me hate the game, but it can be a little frustrating. Otherwise, thanks for the great game! Good

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