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I have been playing Swiped since it originally came out. I absolutely love the game. However, I recently bought a new phone and everytime I open the Swiped App it crashes and closes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I even factory reset my phone, and I am still having the same problem. Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated! I miss playing Swiped!! Amazing!

I would have given 5 stars BUT almost every time esp when at the higher levels when u r swipping just as good as before it says 'game over'. So not fair!!! Also, being left handed its more difficult for the swipping to make connections than,when u swip right to left. But all in all its still a fun app and it's staying on my phone!! Awesome

Good way to waste time. I like that there are a variety of ways to play (endless, beat the clock, jewel mania). 5 star

This game is very addicting. I love the color of the graphics and the sounds it's just fun to play. Recommend

Enjoyable Started playing with this game while waiting . Time goes by pretty fast .the skill levels keep you entertain for hours. Great job

Love, love love this game I could play it all day non stop, its the best and i have it on all my devices its a 10+ Worth it!

BEST Because its a time waster if you dont like going down the hill your in luck this app is BOSS also download musiclly its not a time waster its just fun and make sure too follow me people Recommend

Love it Don't mind the timed ones but what I don't get is if the button says continuous shouldn't it be? It should keep going and going and not stop. Just asking. Fabulous!

Really good for me, I have brain cancer and surgery, it is challenging on some days other days good to play wish thee was more to play Amazing!

Relaxing and addictive Easy my mine after a long and stressful day love it!!!! I can play this game for hours.. Perfect

So far, so good! This game is so perfect. Not a bunch of popup ads (I got ONE in 15 minutes), not asking to post to FB every 2 seconds and no annoying extra graphics. Flawless

Too many adds Its a good game but too many pop ups while I'm in the middle of playing the game. Its ridiculous. I had atleast four pop ups in one game. Dum. And also the fact that when u miss obe level you got to start from level one instead of getting to do that level over is whack! Highly Recommend.

I love this game but the popups are exceedingly irritating. Every 30 seconds there is a pop up advert for Apple iPhone. I turn it down every time but it keeps coming back like a virus. I'd but the game just to rid myself of this nuisance. Marvelous

Awesome Wonderful game and so much fun to play and I don't mind the add pop ups as their not annoying. Be nice if the games were LONGER as it's addicting fun. Omg

I hate the commercials poping up in the middle of the game. Great game except for the interruptions with commercials in the middle of the game. If you have the ability to swipe 10 gems, and the commercial pops up after swiping 4 gems, when the commercial is over, you cannot continue to swipe the remaining 6 gems. This annoying feature should be fixed. Commercials between games are OK. Just wow

Ads again keep on appearing all the time and you have to begin again. I thought it was already fixed. Must have

I love this game, it is so much fun and I can play it while watching TV or talking on the phone, or just taking a break when reading. Perfect

Swipped I like that I don't have to sacrifice any jems as long as I don't lift my finger off of the tablet Muito bom!

Superb It is very beautiful and colorfull game i loved it to play .....its good to tym pass...and i can't stop it if i starts it once... Worth it!

Genie Love it. Very addictive but I don't care. Play any little or large piece of time I have. Wish there was a 15 minute one. Great!

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